The Upcoming Battle for Your Desktop: Microsoft Vs Google (Part 1)


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While the great majority of the community waits and waits for the latest version of Windows (Windows Vista) to be released, there is a group of people that have their eyes set on another information giant: Google. You may now ask yourself: What is it that brings these two huge companies together? Or, how are these two companies related? Well, it so happens that, according to various sources on the Internet, Google would be preparing itself to give Redmond its biggest blow yet on their battle for the command of information. The logic for this reasoning branches off from the following questions: Why is Microsoft absurdly delaying the launch of its new operating system? and What has happened with Google since Window XP was launched?

Regarding our first question, we can say that Microsoft has provided us with new operating systems practically every two or three years since Win95 was released. Launched in 1995, Win95 unleashed a revolution in PCs by introducing us to a graphic world of buttons, Windows, folders, files, etc. Praised by its greater compatibility and improvements, it was basically the product of the moment that would allow us to connect to Internet in an easier fashion and also make use of the new “plug and play" devices. With the new Millennium came Windows 2000, which without any doubt was one of the first really good operating systems, much more stable and user friendly. Windows ME also made its appearance, however, due to its insignificance we will not further analyze it. Well into 2002 and 2003, Windows XP was introduced into the market. This version is clearly a very powerful operating system, it has greater stability and combines the best of Windows 2000 with a great ability for running games, total compatibility with plug and play devices and an enhanced graphic interface. In between each new release we have had the famous “services Packs", “seconds Editions", etc etc etc… and since the release of XP we have heard first of “Longhorn" and then of “Vista"…however, it is only now that the Beta versions have come out and everything points out to the commercial version coming up by the end of 2006 or early in 2007. That would make it 4 or 5 years from the previous version that was released. The reason for this: Windows Vista will set forth a revolution that goes far beyond our imagination, where there will no longer be room for the concept of files and folders, being replaced by something completely innovative, intuitive and more “human".

What has Google been doing all of this time? Well, after providing us with most effective and simple search engine, it came out with the highest capacity email accounts. After that came the famous “Google Toolbar", with more tools to help improve our searches on the Internet, followed by Google Earth and the Google pack which came with everything an average user would need in a computer: Photo utilities, messenger with Google Talk, Firefox (navigator), Ad-Aware, Adobe Reader and even a special version of Norton Antivirus. They also released Google Desktop, which is basically like having a smaller scale Google, but for our computers. An enormous amount of widgets for various functions were also released together with these applications: calendar, information, labeling, notepads, etc. Thanks to Ajax’s developments, with Writely, Google even offers us the possibility of accessing a text processor online. Without a doubt, all these applications represent a new style of software commercialization, where no longer do you have to go to a physical store to get it, but either simply download a small application or use it directly from the Internet without having to install anything on your hard drive.

Summarizing, while we find ourselves waiting for Microsoft to release its Windows Vista, Google has been offering all of the common applications any user would need at practically no cost. If Google’s first and primary line of business was oriented towards information search, what is taking it to become a software provider? and what are they pursuing by giving us all of this for free?

We will try to keep you posted on the developments of this battle with a series of more postings. While this happens, all you conspiracy theory fans please drop a couple lines and tell us what you think. (Not Dan Brown though. It is not the church’s fault, however if you feel like giving us your comments, please do so. ) Comments made

Mr. Marcelo R. is a Data Recovery engineer at Kepler Data Recovery . The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the views of KDR.

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