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Augmented Reality in Real Estate is the Real Deal

Siva Subrahmanyam

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Augmented Reality(AR) is disrupting the conventional methods of building and presenting a product in every industry and the Real Estate is no exception. Augmented Reality in Real Estate has major contributions that will build a new phase of this industry and it’s offerings go beyond what meets the eye. In this informative blog, we will focus on how AR is changing the game in a way that is beneficial for both the buyer and the realtor. The following is a detailed description of all the possible advantages of Augmented Reality in Real Estate.

Let’s have a step-by-step look into what AR has to offer in this industry. Real Estate Virtual Design of the structure: Augmented Reality in Real Estate has advantages to offer for the construction company other than just the buyers. One of them is being able to project a high-resolution AR view of an interactive 3D model of the planned structure, allowing them to see intricate details and make changes within the plan before a PoP structure is made.

This could help them make a more informed decision and save them a lot of time, money, effort while eradicating human error. Interactive AR brochure, floor, and model plans in Real Estate A common benefit that both realtors and buyers can reap by introducing Augmented Reality in Real Estate is having AR integrated floor plans, brochures, and model plans. A 3D interactive floor plan viewed in AR will give the buyer a real-time idea of how the structure is planned from within, whereas an interactive 3D model of the whole structure viewed in AR upon scanning a specific marker on the brochure will give the buyer an idea of how the structure looks from the outside along with its surroundings. A 360-degree Mixed Reality(mixture of AR and VR) view of a model apartment in a building can be viewed by the buyer in the realtor’s application. All of these features combined help the buyer make a much more informed decision at the comfort of not having to move around to do so. This will not just help the Realtor close more deals faster, but will also position their brand as forward-thinking in the buyer’s perspective, proving the fact that integrating Augmented Reality in Real Estate is a win-win situation for both the parties.

Locating properties nearby with AR navigation: The most difficult part of buying a house is finding the perfect one. And the drawbacks of using mainstream maps makes it even worse. Solving this problem is one of the major advantages of incorporating Augmented Reality in Real Estate.

Not satisfied with the AR view of the property’s inside out and want to check it out physically? Well, AR can help you get to the location by using a mixture of AR and geolocation to ensure your ride to the destination is fun and pretty accurate. These features combined will make the whole buying process much more informative and agent-free. Interactive Augmented Reality integrated sales office: Imagine a potential buyer walks into a sales office of a realtor and enters a room where all the previous and upcoming projects can be viewed in interactive Augmented Reality models.

What would be the buyer’s take on the brand? Without a second thought, the buyer concludes that the realtor is doing everything possible in trying to provide him/her with an interactive opportunity to make a more informed buying decision while showing their ability to give attention to quality and minute details. The buyer sub-consciously positions the brand as a forward-thinking one and probably even considers buying a space. The result being the realtor closing more deals, positioning his brand highly and being the talk to the town since the buyers are sure to mention the experience with their peers.

This only concludes the fact that Augmented Reality in Real Estate is here to stay and is changing the process of buying spaces, one deal at a time. Home decor and assistance with Augmented Reality : The contributions of Augmented Reality in Real Estate do not stop at the purchase. Realtors can incorporate the feature of revamping the interiors of the property post-purchase and save the client a lot of hassle. The features could include being able to choose from a wide range of options for: Colour of any particular wall of the property, inside and out. Major changes can be made in the kitchen, from equipment to color options to ensure that the kitchen is not just modernized, but also sleek and elegant to look at. From chandeliers to furniture, bedrooms to bathrooms, and gardens to terraces, clients will have a wide range of accessories from trusted brands to choose in order to renovate their personal spaces in a way that is as unique as their personality. Broken tap or leaking pipes, fix all the household troubles by just pointing the camera on the problem and getting assisted in these exhausting tasks by Augmented Reality. Regular household issues will have a default set of instructions based on the problem, and complex problems will let the client get in touch or book an appointment with an associate. Incorporating Augmented Reality in Real Estate is clearly a very smart move considering its contributions in all aspects of building a structure, right from building to selling and beyond. Not to forget the plethora of benefits it has to offer for both, the realtor and buyer. Similarly, PlugXR is providing a truly end-to-end Augmented Reality solution on its first-of-a-kind and fastest Augmented Reality Creator platform. Right from creating an AR experience to publishing a white-label app on Android & iOS, PlugXR ensures there is no coding required and absolutely no dependency on a developer, software or hardware. With easy migration between SDKs and a ton of other features which are mentioned in detail in this Blog, PlugXR is leaving no stones unturned in making the creation of AR easy and accessible for mainstream adoption, thus establishing ourselves as the pioneers in this technology, one app at a time. .

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