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3 Powerful Attendance Management Apps for Teachers


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3 Powerful Attendance Management Apps for Teachers

Take yourself a few decades back when apples and blackberries were just fruits, during that time people use to sign in a register before checking in their office cubicles and sign out before drawing out the curtains for the day. Life was simpler and slower during those days.

With the advancement of technology, there was a paradigm shift not only in the personal life of a commoner, but also, in professional life as well. Slowly, biometric attendance software creeped in mandating the employees to be present in the office on time as computers do not negotiate and keep account of even a 1-minute difference. Although it started from the Information technology sector, due to its massive implications it metastasized to other formal and also in informal sectors as well.

Nowadays, most of the institutions keep a track of the smoking or coffee breaks which an employee takes during their working hours. The reason for this kind of annulment is the change in consumer needs and behaviour. In a nutshell, time is more precious than money for an individual as we are ready to pay two times the fare in our uber rides just to reach on time.

An organization is no less than an individual as they also do not afford to waste their valuable time. The striking feature of this attendance management software is that they have been included in schools and other higher studies institutes as well. Teachers and professors are also being asked to come on time and maintain a good teaching hour.

Top notch benefits of an attendance management app?

It is a tool through which a database is maintained for marking presence and absence of employees so that they’re paid for their work accordingly. Earlier this process was done manually, but it resulted in a lot of manipulations. Shifting it to automation makes it error-free. It also helps the employees to abide by the rules of the organization and keeping vigilance on their work progress.

It is also one of the handiest software which when once gets programmed according to the organization’s needs, maintains the format throughout its lifetime. The list of other benefits of using such software are as follows: -

  • Leave policies and automated attendances

Attendance is defined at the beginning of the term, which is also a one-time setting. It gets repeated once the configuration has been done. The amount of leave which gets allotted to an employee also gets uploaded to that software. It is of paramount importance in case of teachers because, at the time of rostering the classes, the college or school authorities have the list of the availability of each and every teacher.

  • Shifts and timing are pre-defined

Not every teacher has their classes on a daily basis. That is why since their shifts and schedules are pre-defined, then calculating the classroom hours also becomes very easy.

  • Over time management

Every individual gets pressurized by their bosses to work overtime when the situation calls for one. With the help of attendance management software, these over time calculations can also be done without any ambiguity.

This is quite useful in colleges and schools as well. As exams approach and there is a lot of syllabus still pending to be taught, teachers at times get inclined towards taking some extra classes. These additional classes get reflected biometric attendance software under over time management.

Among other various advantages, these are few some which explain why attendance management software has spread into organizations and institutions like a wildfire.

3 powerful attendance management apps for teachers

Now, let us discuss specifically about the applications which are made for teachers only. Not a lot of variations will be present, but these below list are the most used software in the teaching industry by various colleges, universities, and schools.

The data which is generated by this attendance software is crucial for the top management in order to make certain critical decisions about their schools and institutions. Like any ERP software, this is also important for the management ecosystem of the school administration. Some of the names of such software are as follows: -

  • GreyHR

It is the most preferred software when employee tracking software comes into mind. It can automate key areas such as payroll, leave, and attendance. Thus, movement of the teachers is tracked in every possible way.

  • People Works

This is also one of the famous software which is used by many institutions. The other name of this software is Employee Lifecycle Management software. It holds the database from the pre-joining till the point of retirement.

  • Timeslab Professional

This software is helpful for institutions that are looking for a centralized management system for their multiple branches. With the help of a cloud server, all the details of the teachers can be recorded with the help of this software. Teachers may even check the working hours for their own profile as individual personalised dashboards are also provided to them.

Varied usages of attendance software

Attendance software is not only used for tracking the classroom hours for teachers, but they can also be used to keep a record of the students as well. An increasing number of educational institutions are using this online attendance management software in order to maintain an accurate record of attendance for their students as well. Just like the biometric attendance software for teachers, they are the same for students as well.

The only difference lies in other attributes like salary calculations, leave policies, etc. Students may have their own dashboard account where they can see the percentage of attendance. This is very important for them because many institutes have their set of rules that every student need to attend a certain percentage of classes in order to appear for the examination. Compelling the students to attend lectures is often necessary, and with the help of attendance software that can be done with ease.

Latecomers are penalized

Punctuality is an attribute which every student should learn right from their temple of learning. This software helps them to keep up that practice. Attendance management system keeps track of the latecomers so that they are made answerable to their teachers. These systems even provide self-generated emails to bring cognizance to their students. Attendance management system works in 3 different forms: -

  1. Subject-wise attendance

Here students are attending every class on a particular day or not gets recorded. For example, if a student has attended the 1st class of the day however he was absent in the subsequent 2 classes on that day, it means he/she has been bunking classes which again need to be questioned.

  1. Day-wise attendance

This is the type of attendance which gets reflected to in their eligibility for seating for an examination.

Thus, the attendance management system is not only an employee tracking software, but it helps maintain the decorum for an institution or college or school. In case of schools and colleges, teachers take care of the student's attendance and higher management looks after the teacher's attendance thus making the overall process run as smoothly and increase the productivity in that process.


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