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Big Data, the Key of the Technological Future

Lora Davis

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Artificial intelligence, robotics, and now Internet of Things (IoT) are a reality and coexist daily with us. All this is creating a network in which many users are using intelligent objects, all of which will help us generate Big Data enough to optimize not only our individual behavior but also that of whole cities. Big Data is the key to processing all this information.

Big Data is the technological trend based on massive analysis of data that can not be processed or analyzed using traditional tools (that is, they usually must be managed by a platform specific for them). Data management and analysis have become one of the most valued and requested fields of study of recent times. Being able to gather and manage data thanks to Big Data is a basic requirement for the optimization of what the Germans call, Industry 4.0.

With the use of appropriate technology platforms, Big Data can make content analytics and provide enough information for companies and users that would otherwise be impossible to process. For example, with this content analytics you can create new markets for a particular product or service and why not? It will be possible to make the new product Discovery, that eventually manages to improve our quality of life, which in the end is the purpose of this whole process of technological innovation.

Going a little deeper into the subject, we observe that all this innovation translates into improvements that well applied to the business environment imply new business opportunities and a clear differentiation on the competition. In the first place, the company must define what are the steps to be taken to the different levels of the organization. For example, using the Big Data you will be able to know the preferences of the customers and thus be able to anticipate them with new product discovery . We can also adjust demand and production, minimize risk or discover new business niches, and finally, save a lot of money.

Now, not only to use Big data in our company everything will be a success. It is true that in order to make correct decisions it is necessary to have all the information that is possible and that is also objective, but it will also depend on people interpreting that information to determine the best route to take.

Here comes the content analytics platform. According to the experts in the matter some aspects necessary to obtain a greater knowledge of the clients through Big Data are:

- Understand the behavior of customers and potential customers in all channels.
- Introduce processes of predictive analytics to become more effective and proactive.
- To generate a greater commitment thanks to the development of advanced analytics.
- Refine the strategy in social media thanks to advanced analytics.
- Reduce the duration of the analytical process to obtain information in real time.
- Have an architecture that offers flexibility and security in data management.

In short, with the use of Big Data, companies have the opportunity to discover trends and patterns of their customers, generate and consolidate new products and services and turn to more efficient operating areas.


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The Evolution Of Technological Needs
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