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Five Email Filtering Techniques You Must Know

Bruce Markey

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It is rather shocking to know that on an average 60% of the mails circulated everyday are spam messages which are of no relevance to the receiver. Spamming has become so second nature that we assume they are part of email and tend to ignore it. However, when it comes to business organizations where email is the lifeline of communication, one cannot just ignore spam. The amount of damage these unwanted messages pose to productivity, data security and resource utilization is immense. Email filtering or spam filtering is undoubtedly the most effective way to curb spamming. If you are planning to deploy email filters at your organization, here is a list of the most popular spam filters you must be aware of.

Why is Email Filtering necessary?

• Productivity takes a back seat when your inbox is flooded with irrelevant mails all the time, requiring you to separate relevant from the irrelevant.

• Email servers will be using a lot of resources in processing these unwanted mails, adding up to your additional overhead.

• Security risks are another reason to dread spam and take preventive measures. Emails are one of the easiest ways to spread malware to enterprise systems and email filtering effectively spots mails with such malicious content.

5 of the Most Popular Email Filters

Email filtering is generally a collective effort of more than one spam filters that have their own standards of identifying and blocking spam. Here is the list of the most widely used filters you can deploy in your organization.

1. Blacklist

This is one of the most popular techniques used to filter spam. A database of all the IP addresses that spent you spam before are blacklisted and any mails in the future from these IP addresses will be blocked before they enter the email server.

2. Word Based Filters

This simple yet effective email filtering technique scans the content of the mails received and blocks those that have content/words that is blacklisted as spam. Unwanted messages definitely have a common pattern in their content and the word based filters identify these patterns.

3. Collaborative Filters

This type of email filtering is a collective effort that takes inputs from a number of email users, requiring them to flag certain emails as spam. Those mails which are flagged as spam by most of the users are blacklisted by a central database and the same mail is blocked from reaching the rest of the filter community.

4. Challenge/Response Filters

Slightly complicated and time consuming than the ones mentioned above, a challenge/response system requires the sender to perform certain tasks in order to confirm that he/she is not a spammer. The challenges posed can only be solved by humans and hackers use machines to spread spam.

5. Bayesian Filters

The most advanced email filtering technique in this list, Bayesian filters use deep learning and artificial intelligence to identify spam. Certainly these filters need human assistance initially to categorize mails as spam and otherwise.

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