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Importance of Tanks Farm in Oil and Gas Industries

Kulwant Singh

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In today's world where pollution and its by-products are on the rise, it significantly affects the ecological balance as a result of which the need for handy and most equipped storage facility has been dominating the world. Every aspect of storage facility whether it is for raw material or for liquefied components should be able to face the problems that are arousing day by day. Today where the market is dominated by the petrochemical and gas industries the importance of storing them is also quite dominating one.

The tank farm or oil depot or oil terminal has the same pursuit only the name differs from each other. They are generally used for transporting the petrochemical products and gaseous element to the end users and also for storing it for future prospective. These tanks, farm are either located closely of the oil refineries or in a location where it can easily reach to the various means of transport that are oil tankers, cargo, etc. There are also some tanks, farm that are attached and equipped with pipeline services with the help of which they can easily depot or transmit their highly inflammable components.

These tank farms in earlier days were used to be unsophisticated and there were high chances of uncertain accident that may occur while transporting from one place to another. Though those hindrances used to be occur during between 80’s and 90’s, but as time passed and technology started enhancing themselves to a next level the hindrance, vexation and risk associated with it while transporting liquefied product have considerably reduced. The depot of oil and gas in tankers, pipeline, barrels or in any other means of transport have been upgraded to a superior level.

In today date there are many form of tanks that used by the tank farm to safely depot the highly inflammable components. But, the selection of the safest way of oil depot depends on various factors which are mentioned below:

Ambient condition

Product handled

Selection of effective seals for floating roof tank i. e. with minimum vapor recovery of 96%.

Bottom of the tank must come up and cone down, i. e. also apex down.

The use of effective EFRT and IFRT

However, one must be questioning himself or herself what is the need of tank farm or oil depot in now days where there are several other means of transporting. The reason why one should invest a handy amount of capital in constructing a standard oil depot or tank farm:

Quality and standard

Achieving maximum productivity

Safe and most reliable pursuit carried out on every depot with real security from the virtual world.

Environmentally or eco-friendly solution for transmission as well as distribution

Excellent control of pipeline

Design for both industries, small to large scale

Better route control facility

There are many more other benefits of tank farm in Oil and Gas industries, this upgraded oil or gas depot system provide a sophisticated and safest mode of transportation of petrochemical products and also basic important facility, i. e. the storage facility which have significantly reduced the chances of uncertain accidents that used to occur. So, upgrade the depot system in order to enjoy the benefits and secure the plant with latest equipment.

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