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Employee Benefits for Scheduling Software

Lora Davis

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When most companies realize that the production planning and scheduling system they are using has become more an impediment than a useful tool, the solution is quite often an online production scheduling software. Software development companies are always looking for opportunities to manufacture software to meet specific needs. Production schedule systems can be both lucrative and relatively easy to produce. This has led to a large selection of available products. The more responsive developers have taken the additional step and implemented manufacturing software solutions as a web application.

The management benefits of quality production schedule software are easy to see. The chosen package should be closely matched to the company's needs. Implementing a company-wide change can be a stressful process for the employees that are affected. Many employees will have some time invested in learning to use whatever manufacturing software solutions that existed before the change and will resist the new system. For small companies with a relatively limited number of employees over a tiny geographic area the change can be managed by group training sessions and demonstrations. Larger companies may require a bit more effort to help employees adapt.

One of the most effective means to help employees adapt to a production scheduler is to describe to them the ways they will benefit from the new system. It can be difficult to convince some employees to learn a new system if they see the company getting all the benefits while they receive nothing more than extra work. Online manufacturing software solutions offer a range of benefits to the employees. Explaining the benefits can motivate the employees to enthusiastically embrace the production scheduling software instead of mounting a resistance to change.

Each organization has particular functions that workers must fulfill. The job duties performed and the time needed will be different for each company. From the workers’ viewpoint any production schedule must adapt seamlessly to the workers’ duties and be flexible enough to painlessly deal with the unexpected. If company management takes the time and effort to make sure the chosen production planning and scheduling package can be matched to the company's plan, the employees will feel comfortable with the new system. It is important that change management focuses on the ways the new system will make the workers’ days less tedious and frustrating.

One of the more frustrating events that field technicians have to deal with is unexpected schedule changes. Every technician approaches his day with a plan. This plan is based on the production schedule he has been provided with at the start of the day or week and he or she has a plan to meet all the scheduled actions for the period. There is nothing worse than arriving at a location to discover the scheduled action for the location has been changed or rescheduled. Conventional production scheduling systems do not support real-time schedule updates. Online manufacturing software solutions can deliver schedule updates as soon as they are made; knowing about changes as early as possible will dramatically reduce the stress.


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