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5 Ways Email Encryption Can Help Your Enterprise

Bruce Markey

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Email has dominated corporate communication ever since its inception and is preferred worldwide as it is quick, discreet and inexpensive. With technological advancement and dependence, its use and popularity has only risen over the years. However, the same technological advancement has also led hackers to come up with new ways to hack emails and eavesdrop on sensitive information. Email encryption is the most powerful tool to combat these cyber-attacks, and in this article we are going to discuss the way it works and the benefits it has to offer.

How are emails hacked?

Every email begins it journey from a source server to a destination server and gets sent in a flash of a second. However, sometimes these messages are bypassed by hackers before they reach the destination server. Since emails are simple, plain text messages with no security code provided, it is easier for hackers to extract all the sensitive information that wasn’t meant for them.

How does email encryption work?

Email encryption is one of the many applications of encryption which ensures that any text/audio/video sent is protected by two security keys- the public key and the private key. Public key is used to encrypt a mail and this mail can be decrypted using the private key, which is known to the designated receiver alone. Thus, email encryption ensures that emails, though intercepted by hackers are not read and the attachments within are not accessed.

Benefits of email encryption in business enterprises

Email encryption is made available to business organizations in many ways; the most popular one being enterprise software packages. These software packages ensure that every mail sent out of your email server is encrypted and safe from perpetrators. Let’s see the list below to learn about the various benefits they have to offer.

1. Email encryption software packages can be easily integrated with existing email systems, thus avoiding the need of a new email system with a pre-installed software. So if your organization needs encryption, you just upgrade your email setup and not change it.

2. In addition to avoiding additional hardware and software requirements, these software packages are already cheap when compared to the losses borne by companies after an email hack or data breach. Thus, email encryption is both economical and effective at the same time.

3. These software packages need little or no training to operate as they are designed to be user-friendly and easily understood. Not only the interface is simple but the overall setup is less complex and cheap when compared to the traditional PKI based infrastructure.

4. Email encryption will help organizations in complying with various security initiatives such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA and FERPA. These initiatives expect organizations to secure sensitive information, especially employee information by taking suitable information safety measures.

5. Lastly, these software packages provide a lot of freedom while choosing the level of encryption to be implemented and the mails that have to be encrypted. Moreover, many cyber security companies offer additional perks like defense against phishing, delivery of emails of any size etc. along with the software.

Securence is a leading provider of enterprise email filtering software that offers email protection and cloud email security services such as encrypted email, spam filtering, email archiving and continuity solutions to small and large businesses.


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