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Using EMF Protection Devices to Protect from Electromagnetic Radiation

Bruce Markey

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Every day we are exposed to various sources of electromagnetic radiation without us even knowing it. That cell phone you carry around with you all day, your laptop that you put on your lap to watch a movie in bed, power lines, microwaves, and Wi-Fi networks all emit some form of electromagnetic radiation. EMF protection has become a major issue in recent years as we begin to observe the long-term effects of laptop, tablet, and cell phone use. Health concerns may include infertility, cellular damage, DNA mutation, skin problems and a number of other health concerns. Although we need additional understanding before we draw final conclusions about long-term exposure, we are learning more each day and EMF protection needs to be considered now.

When you maintain a safe distance from the radiation source, you can often avoid direct exposure to any form of radiation. The farther away, the safer you are. Alternatively, the closer you are, the more emissions you are exposed to. Unfortunately, in regards to laptops, tablets, and cell phones, they are held at such a close distance to the body that EMF protection is one off the best way to reduce health concerns.

An EMF shield is the only proven form of EMF protection. EMF protection shielding designed to block both extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation as well as radio frequency (RF) radiation should be used.

It’s important to note that an EMF protection shield is a very unique device, not to be confused with similar accessories such as a laptop cooling pad, a laptop table or a lap desk – all of which only address the heat that is emitted. While electromagnetic radiation levels can vary between different laptop models, a laptop will always emit some level of electromagnetic radiation emissions. A well designed EMF protection pad will help to ensure that you are properly guarded from device emissions while gaining the added benefit of comfortable and a convenient workspace.

People can choose to reduce radiation exposure by placing their laptops on a desk or minimize the use over prolonged periods of time. For the vast majority of us however, we can’t afford that restriction. Not to mention many of us simply don’t want that restriction. We want to use our devices when and where want. An EMF protection shield solves this problem and allows mobile protection during travel, in business, or when you are just relaxing in your bed.

You want to find an EMF protection shield that is right for you. The more types of electromagnetic radiation shielding techniques used, such as blocking, conducting and absorbing, the more you are protected. You will have peace of mind knowing that you have made the choice to have total EMF protection. If you remove the health concerns, you will no longer have to stop using your laptop in your lap because of the emissions.

Read up on the latest scientific news to assure yourself that you are protected with an EMF protection shield.

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EMF Protection from Electronic Devices
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