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Eye tracking demo - With video

Bruce Donners

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About Eye tracking The idea of eye tracking has been evolvingfor nearly 150 years, and it has reached a spot where software does the task for individuals True, eye tracking can come across as a bit alarming, when you first hear about what it is and what eye tracking technology can measure. Knowing that motivated, intelligent people are looking for very specific data about where our eyes stray, and where they linger, could be perceived in a lot of not so positive ways. It may seem intrusive on privacy (and the methods for eye tracking used to be a lot more physically intrusive, too). People want to believe they can hide their gaze. So, learning just a little about the idea of eye tracking could make a person suspect the technology. This is why we should teach people about all the possible benefits of learning more about the human mental process. Source: eye tracking video

Now, in 2012 it has evolved to an affordable market, university and research tool. Watch the tech demo below for more information!

The study of eye movement does have its roots in the 1800s. Since then, on account of technological development, systems have started from direct observation to different computer applications that offer a more accurate and correct reading.

Most technologies work with a camera that focuses either on one eye or on both of them and records their movement while the test subject examines a certain stimulus. Addititionally there is a great variety of requirements regarding the positioning of the head. Some eye tracking video devices require the head to be stable, while other are able to track the movement of the head and adjust the readings accordingly.

Eye tracking is not only used in ophthalmology, but additionally in a number of other commercial sectors, including advertising or package design. Generally, an eye tracking machine can be used to measure the eye movement of a number of subjects while they are being shown packages, products, websites, commercials or television programs. Source: eye tracking demo This will assist the researchers in establishing what draws the interest of the subjects or how frequently or how long they gaze upon the company logo. Through this approach, marketing researchers establish what sort of advertisement catches the attention of the viewer more often, or what type of package attracts the individual more. All things considered, is an extremely advanced method that serves a great variety of purposes. Eye tracking software is very popular and more and more companies nowadays have started using it in marketing research.

Find out more and watch the complete tech demo at our source for Eye tracking videos.


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