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You Can Now Monitor Linux For Your Small Business


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Many companies don't find out about problems within the IT environment until the call center receives complaints concerning the website being down or some other technical glitch has occurred. This is far too late to handle the problem. It is far better to handle the problem earlier using applications which are designed for Server Management which will look for problems within the IT environment.

With these kinds of applications, a system or network administrator may be notified when the first symptoms of a problem appears. This simply means the IT department will be able to react and solve a problem faster. In some instances, it can occur before the problem degenerates to the point where an end user would notice.

Application Performance Monitor

One of the most powerful tools in Server Management is the application performance monitor. In many cases, an application specific problem is what's causing the end user to not be able to execute a transaction. This can happen even if the server hardware and operating system are operating normally with no problems detected.

In many cases, an application bug or another strange factor might cause an application to become unstable or not working at all. With this sort of monitoring, an administrator or developer may be promptly notified when it detects that something is amiss. This can be a great way to lower those downtime statistics also to enhance the experience for the consumer as well.

End User Monitoring

Another great method to detect problems using Server Management is via End User Monitoring. This is a wonderful tool that too many companies avoid using even though it is very easy to implement. With this kind of tool, the system will step through typical user transactions to make sure that the right output is received. It will even make sure that the output is received in a reasonable amount of time.

If the output is different than expected, or the response time is extremely slow, this means the end user is currently experiencing a problem. In general, this will not be a false alarm. A system administrator or developer will need to take a look at the IT environment immediately and find out what is wrong.


The Server Management software is generally available on all of the most popular platforms including Microsoft Windows Server, many distributions of Linux, some of the most popular Unix variants including Solaris and AIX, and MacOS. Most people managing a commercial IT environment should have no problems finding a suitable software program to watch their servers and applications. If the application is running in Java, it can run in almost any operating system for which the Java run-time binaries are available.

The end user monitoring apps can operate on just about any system too. There are also businesses that provide this exact service with multiple locations all over the world so that customers can see if there is an outage that's only affecting customers from one part of the world.

Experience for yourself why IT pros throughout the world are choosing SolarWinds software instead of expensive and cumbersome alternatives. Discover the difference between the server performance and Oracle performance software SolarWinds provides and others on the market. This is also great to monitor server changes or monitor linux .


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