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Dynamic Monitoring Shadow Process of OracleAS


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As for high availability and scalability, you can group the components of Oracle Application Server and OracleAS Web Cache. Service Distributed Configuration Management coordinates the configuration information for all cluster members. DCM automatically replicates the base configuration data for a new member of the group. It is also a proliferation of updates to this information to all members of the group. In addition to this basic information, each member of the group, some options for your own personal settings such as port numbers, for example.

You can also backup DCM configuration files that are used to manufacture these vital and important files can be restored in case of making corruption. DCM is invoked by the Application Server Control or dcmctl took over the command-line tool.

Oracle Application Server Dynamic Monitoring Service uses to collect information on the implementation of some components. The strain gauge sensors are to measure different types of times only by the appearance of different types of events. DMS periodically collects information and provides details of these sensors and indicators. You can change these settings using a variety of Oracle tools. The most used is the dmstools, command-line tool for the presentation of measurements of DMS. Measurements can also be accessed in different parts of the tool control server applications.

Pressure sensors integrated with a thickness of Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE, measurements are automatically applied to all applications in the OC4J container for disposal. You can add sensors to each application must be deployed on Oracle Application Server DMS via the API, so that the use of DMS is fully extensible. You can also use the DMS to keep down costs.

It is best to add new sensors to deploy new applications. The idea is to save time and independently. Besides using the DMS and the removal of one of the sensors can be very simple API DMS. This interface is useful for managing any type of activity, including sensors and sensor management for some time off. Turn the DMS is useful for more power. The processes of the shadow of the DMS, the system has some impact on performance in each case, the work and OLTP database. But after turning off the Dynamic Monitoring Service, but to use the automation features of Oracle 10g. This defect does not by a small DMS monitoring process in the background. Dynamic controls still consume some resources.

Remote DBA has to always ensure to monitoring such critical setup of high availability of servers for providing ultimate Oracle Support . You can ask more guidance from any of Oracle Forums .


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