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Rosetta Stone Version 3: English(British) Level 1, 2 & 3 Set buy Discount Software


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Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular language learning software methods. It is software, it can easily integrate audio, text and images. This allows the learner to associate the sound and look of the written language with real-life images in a natural way. This is what they mean when they say that Rosetta Stone teaches you a new language the way you learned your native language.

At the beginning, you are presented with a series of pictures and a word is spoken with the accompanying text on screen. You must then select which picture goes with that word. You may already have a clue as to which one it is or not. If you get it right, you move on. If not, you try again until you get it. These mistakes are actually essential to this learning process. You will learn very quickly during this trial and error process.

In time, words become phrases, then full sentences. Ideas and concepts begin to replace simple objects and actions. Through pattern recognition, more and more of the language is understandable. Slowly, but surely, you develop a foundation in your new language. This is all done without any translation into English. It's all done in the language you are studying, and this is one of the strongest advantages of Rosetta Stone.

Features of Rosetta Stone Software

Rosetta Stone software includes native-speaker audio, text and the new Level 3 even focuses on video. There are a number of basic exercises that focus on a combination of skills such as reading and writing over listening and speaking or vice versa. There is also a voice recognition feature to aid in learning proper pronunciation.

You can choose which units and exercises you want to study, or you can just let the software take you on its guided tour through the whole course. It's really pretty flexible. This means the student can focus more on weak points to improve them, and you can work at your own pace.

Rosetta Stone also offers an online subscription. Rather than buy the software, you can have a monthly subscription and access the software from any internet-capable computer. It is a more affordable and flexible option that might appeal to some.

The best way to know for sure if Rosetta Stone is right for you is to view their online demo. Try it for yourself so you can see if it fits your learning style.

Click here to buy Rosetta Stone Version 3: English(British) Level 1, 2 & 3 Set

There are some languages where Rosetta Stone may be the best option to learn. Very few publishers make a language product for Pashto, Hindi, Polish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese. These languages are all available for Level 1. There is also a Level 1 and 2 for Farsi, Tagalog and Dutch which has surprisingly few commercial products available.


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