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The tools to Improve Computer Speed


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it is the most convinient and common tools for your computer system. Run the tool by typing ‘msconfig’ from Start Menu -> Run, and a system configuration windows will appear. Click the Start tab contains a list of startup programs on your computer it is. Therefore, in order to speed up your computer starts one way is to have 1 Windows programs automatically when you start with at least.

You may just want your antivirus software startup while others such as, MSN, Skype and other similar tools will slow down your startup tremendously. You might be saying that you will always need to run MSN and Skype but a good practice is to enable them in the startup but prevent them from signing in automatically.

if you want your system to startup fast because sometimes you may just want to type some documents or playing games without using other tools. Thus, shortcuts at the desktop are good enough for me as I can choose to launch any programs after startup.

after you get a fresh installation, the startuy tal is usually bland. And now you are ready to forbidden the program list. If you find the system running properly after your conduction. You can tick all this startup program and run the system configutations now.

Windows Defender

you must get some sort of antivurus shareware to protect your pc system. Other than that, it is also a startup manager. Browse through the tools option, and there is a Software Explorer link. It works like a combination of startup manager and task manager. You can view the current program is running, connected to a network program, Winsock service providers and start-up program. To remove you, you can choose to disable and enable the program is listed.


as time goes by, your pc system may runs slowly and slowly. This is because of the amount of software and games that you have installed in your computer but are not removed properly during uninstallation. Software and games as well, while the installed files in the folder specified, some records, Windows will be added to the registry. Unfortunately, not all records in the registry is always removed during shareware uninstallation.

Disk Cleanup

Using Disk Cleanup will clean your Internet Temporary Files, Downloaded Program Files, setup Files and compress files. This is another step to clean up your system and it may not help to speed up your system. Well, at least that you know a place to find the files that can be deleted safely. By the way, having enough of free disk space is equally important for your computer to run smoothly.


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A Look at Various DSL Speed Accelerator Tools
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