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Photoshop Trick : Alter your face to Barbie Face in 6 Steps!


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A Face-Off can spend millions of dollars with no guarantee you satisfied with the results. But with this Photoshop trick, it only takes a few time to tune-up a face to look like barbie faces that never grow old.

1. Preparing your Photo

Open the face photo that had been prepared by choosing File – Open. Press a key combination, Ctrl + J on windows to create a duplicate background layer. Then select the menu Image – Adjustment – Levels. Then set the input levels of 7, 0.50 and 255. Meanwhile, set the Output Levels of 7, 255. Click OK to continue.

2. Adjust colors

Next, we will eliminate some natural and human side of a face by manipulating colors. Choose the menu Image – Adjustments – Hue / Saturation, set saturation of -50, then select menu Image – Adjustments – Color Balance. Make sure the option Midtones in the Tone Balance, and select Color Levels of -20, 15, and -15. Click OK!

3. Enlarge Eyes

Select the menu Filter – Liquify. Press key B to select the Bloat Tool, which will enlarge the image area which you have selected. Specify Brush Size of 200, then click and hold for a moment on the eyes to dilate. If both eyes are still not look perfect, you can use the Forward Warp Tool (W) to push the area around the eyes towards the desired area, imagine using this tool like a doll out of clay.

4. Shrink the Nose

Still on the Liquify window, now select the Pucker Tool (S). This tool will reduce the image area which you’ve chosen. Click and hold for a moment on the nose to shrink. Then press W or the Forward Warp tool, and push both sides of his nose left and right turns, so nose is also shrinking.

5. Settings in the Mouth

Select back Pucker Tool, click and hold on the mouth to shrink. Select Forward Tool, and pull both ends of the mouth to form a broad smile and more, please do not hesitate in shaping the mouth because doll face identical with the elastic face. Click OK to continue.

6. Darken certain areas

Select the Burn Tool, and set the brush size of 61 Pixels, Range set with Midtones, and Exposure for 50%. brush on the side of the nose area. This effect can enhance the cold eyes and faces stiff with no sign of any life, ironically with a smiling face.

7. And last, Comparing

Compare Images before and after. You’ll see the difference how a face transformed into a puppet. Can’t imagine right?

For more details about this information Barbie Face Simulation and visit the site Freeware and Photoshop Tricks


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