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Learning Excel - Why Are You Making it So Difficult?


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Microsoft Excel is the elite spreadsheet software program in the world.  High school kids and college kids across the country are now being taught this software as a basic component of their education.  With so much emphasis on this software, it is easy to see why so many people are interested in learning excel.  The functionality of its applications are remarkable and it is now considered a basic prerequisite to become a business professional.  However, many people make some mistakes in starting their training.  In some instances, these mistakes can be fairly benign and the result is the person wastes some time before figuring out Excel.  Yet, in some more drastic instances, the person gets frustrated and puts aside Excel forever.  This is unfortunate because this does not have to take place and this person loses the value that this computer knowledge can offer.  To make sure this does not happen to you, we have put together a list of a couple common mistakes new users make in their Excel training selection:

1.  Go for books and manuals thinking they are saving money.

There is no question that books and manuals can help with learning excel.  However, they are somewhat limited by their design.  Essentially, they only offer the words in print.  For most learners, this is not sufficient for them to get a true understanding of what tasks are being requested.  In addition, some multi-sensory training options are very affordable and comparable to the prices of a good Excel book or manual.  

For these reasons, it makes a lot more sense to start with training programs that challenge your other senses.  Not only do these programs give you the opportunity to see, hear, and feel the functions being performed, they also come at reasonable rates.  The result is a richer learning experience that can actually make any subsequent book purchases better.

2.  You don't have to go to high priced seminars and training sessions to learn Excel.

Some people are so eager in their attempt to learn excel that they are willing to fork over hundreds or thousands of dollars thinking this is the best way to learn.  This is flawed reasoning.  Although many of these training sessions can be beneficial and effective, the price tag is excessive.  In addition, you are always forced with dealing with other issues like crowd noise or the speaking quality of the speaker.  

A far better option is to choose software programs that are recorded.  The modern technology of cds and dvds has now made Excel training even easier.  These discs allow you to hear the speaker again and again to ensure you have the concept down.  In addition, they come at a much, much cheaper price tag with many programs under $100.  This translates into a easier to use format that can be used at any time.  This means you can listen to it when it fits into your schedule rather than having to take off work or find time in your schedule to accommodate some seminar at some hotel.  

By keeping these different tips in mind, you should be able to avoid the common mistakes other users make in learning Excel.

Now, stop wasting anymore time trying to find the best software programs for Learning Excel . Instead, try visiting to find out about one excellent, low priced Excel software training program that is sure to take your Excel skills to a higher level.


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Excel 2007 Training - Isn't About Time You Upgraded Your Excel Skills?
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