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Videos For Zune and Why You Should Use Them


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Apple isn't the only top player in the media player industry today. The Zune player, one of the top most playing devices for music, pictures and videos is from Microsoft. Zune users all agree that the device is of the best-quality build and although it may take some getting used to, the interface is one of the most intuitive and one of the best-looking GUIs on any mp3-player to date.

File Sharing - Coupled with the fact that WIFI can be used to share the files with other Zune users, it makes this one of the best multimedia mobile platforms in the market. But with all the different video playing platforms available on the market, just why should a customer choose to use Zune videos above all others? Here are a few reasons that one should consider.


One major advantage of using Zune is the availability of that content to the market. The Zune Marketplace alone boasts of thousands of files that one can take advantage of for a minimal monthly fee. Many third-party websites offer millions of different kinds of files and an unlimited supply of videos and movies that one can download on a lifetime subscription that does not break the bank at all.

Picture this: You can spend $60 at most for downloading all sorts of content and movies for a lifetime! This means that you only have to pay once and old present and new content will be available at your fingertips. This is the beauty of the player and the many third-party sites that are dedicated to providing videos for Zune for a minimal fee.


Most Window users are Zune fans as well. In fact, a huge chunk of the market buys computers with Windows already installed.

The Zune player can play up to 3 different video formats and they are MPEG4, MOV, and WMV. These are the most popular formats on the market today and they can all be played on a Windows device. This is especially true when it comes to WMV files. WMV is a codec that is specific to the Windows Media Player on your computer and on the Zune. So if you get Zune content it can be played on the Windows computer that you have and it can be played on the Zune player as well. This makes it easier for you to choose content that you would like to sync on your device.


One of the best features that you can take advantage of on the Zune is its WIFI capability. Short video clips and music can be shared between Zune users. The content on these devices cannot be shared on other platforms.

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