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3 Sure-Fire Ways to Speed Up the Computer


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Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend much to speed up your computer. You don't need advanced upgrades of a few hundred dollars, nor do you need to think about investing in thousands of dollars of new equipment to pump out more speed from your slowly chugging computer. Here, I will give you the affordable - 3 sure-fire ways to speed up computer.

First, upgrade your memory. Unfortunately in this day and age, programs require a high minimum system requirements; games, applications, etc. In fact any software whatsoever - gives you that hope that you might just be able to run that new fangled program or power house action packed game. The bottleneck is usually RAM memory, the virtual memory that Windows and all programs use to cache information and load up applications. A quick and cheap RAM upgrade (and it is cheap, looking at the market prices nowadays), can do wonders to shift from screaming at the computer to a screaming computer, trailblazing across the digital divide. 1 gig of additional RAM more will do wonders to speed up a computer.

Secondly, defragment and clean up your computer. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has found some program, some application that has been eating precious megabytes of memory just lying in the background doing absolutely nothing. And the worst thing is, you could have put it there, forgot about it and thought everything would be dandy. Then there is the case of spyware and adware, the prevalent pandemic of online surfing, installing programs, gathering information and inundating your PC with pop ups. Then you have the problem of a fragmented drive, an inevitable consequence of months of program and clutter build-up. Clean out your PC, remove programs which you don't need, make sure your Start Up only loads programs you need and most importantly, defragment your drive every few weeks - these methods are FREE, easy to do and will take up very little of your collective time; if you compare pulling at your hair as Internet Explorer takes ages to load.

Optimise and clear up your PC, especially your registry. We may think we are Steve Jobs’ next protégé, but no one can comb through their entire gigabyte libraries and weed out all the loose temp files, all the bad program installs, all the trailing DLL's and system files no one is using. Build up of temporary internet files, image files, online cookies, active x controls all build up over time. Even the registry, after a few months, becomes a sand dune of bad values, orphaned embedded keys and a scratch surface of infiltrating worms and Trojans to corrupt its structure and cause an ultimate slowdown of your computer.

Get a good cleaner software. More than a hundred of these problems can be cleared up in less than 15 minutes of a simple click of a mouse. You will notice a speed difference almost immediately, and best of all, these programs are cheap, dependable and backed up by professionals with an eye for user-friendliness and feasibility.

A combination of these methods will revitalise anyone's speed woes - take it as a personal guarantee from me. Sometimes it's not about buying a new PC just to get back that feeling of speed - it's taking the effort to do a little maintenance that will benefit you over a long time. Try these simple methods to speed up computer today, and avoid a future of hair-pulling and frustration.

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