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The Best Spyware Scanner

Josh Lewis

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Do you need help searching for the best spyware scanner? There are number of programs out there that promise scanning, cleaning and protection but only a few stand out. I will give you the info you need to choose the best program

I have spent a decent amount of time finding the best spyware scanner. First of all, my computer was infected by this virus. My computer was very slow, I was getting a numerous pop ups, and my computer acted like it had a mind of its own. I wasn't aware of spyware and almost purchased a whole new computer because I thought it was broken. I was telling my good friend about the problem I was having, and he informed me that my computer was infected. He then advised me to have my computer scanned.

The majority of antispyware will provide you with a free scans prior to purchase anything. I had my computer scanned by one of these programs and sure enough, my computer was infected. I wasn't sure where to go from there. I was aware that I needed an antispyware program which was a relief because I thought I need a whole new computer. What I didn't know was which one to purchase.

After doing my research I came across some free programs that looked appealing. I downloaded this one program and nothing happened. I couldn't find it on my p/c. A couple days went by and then ran the scan again thinking that maybe the freebie worked. It didn't, in fact it made things worse. The freebie turned out to be actual spyware! My frustration was growing. I went on a mission to find the best spyware scanner possible. I did my research and read reviews, asked computer tech guys, and figured out what scanners were the most popular. After completing my research I decided to give Xoftspy Se antispyware a try.

I spent the thirty bucks and downloaded the program to my computer. It was very easy to use and in less than an hour, my computer was fixed!! It not only removes spy ware, this software also provides a free scan and full time protection. This is the best spyware scanner that I came across. Because of the relatively low cost and the number of futures I recommend this to anyone as the best spyware scanner. All of my family and friends use this program and are very satisfied with the results. This is a great product.

You can get a free scan at - - I suggest using the Xoftspy se scan. Check out the reviews of some of the best spyware scanners. These programs also provide cleaning and protection from spyware.


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