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How a Registry Cleaner Can Speed Up Your Computer


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If your computer is your lifeline, then the registry cleaner is the duct tape that holds it together. Business, entertainment and educational, the wonders of the PC System is unparalleled and literally would be unheard of early last century. With is database of entire libraries, thousands of Encyclopedia volumes; it is the all seeing, all telling electronic magazine, almanac and a diverse tome with unlimited pages and possibilities at a single flick of a switch and a few clicks of a mouse.

So imagine the horror as eventually and almost inescapably, your precious pc starts to slow down. Start-ups now take the length of a decathlon, programmes load at terminal, hair-pulling timing and the internet has become stuck in a constant slow-motion matrix effect. Why? You've taken care of your system, updated your virus checks, defragged every few weeks, and tuned up your system. Why are you still sitting at your desktop clicking your mouse futilely, waiting for the sands of time to disappear into that all familiar clicker icon?

We must get to the root of the problem, which in Windows; is your registry. Imagine it as the brain of your system, where all electronic information is passed through and disseminated. When programmes are installed, files and folders created, the internet accessed or any activity that is performed on your system, it is ‘registered’ into a matrix that Windows ultimately relies to perform all of its duties.

Because of the complexity of the registry system, entries that are redundant get left over. Even when the registry does delete an entry correctly, it leaves behind a digital void that, as time builds up, leads to an interminable defragmenting of your registry. Coupled with useless digital footprints, invalid entries that confuse the system, wrong registry entries and empty spaces, you eventually end up with a registry that is corrupted, confused and fragmented. Over time, it becomes a literal sand dune that is chocking the ‘engine’ of your computer.

But wait, the problem only starts there!

No matter how expensive and complex your antivirus programmes are, they cannot efficiently comb your registry for sinister entries and embedded keys left behind by malicious malware and spyware, further compounding the problem.

The end result? A top of the line computer with trail blazing hardware chugging along like a 19th century wheel barrower going to the town square.

What you need is a good registry cleaner. This is one of the most important tools anyone will ever need to solve unexplainable performance issues.

An advanced registry cleaner can perform a deep, unhindered scan of your registry and remove any entries left behind by malware, spyware and possibly hidden and embedded ‘footprints’ left behind by viruses and Trojans. It uses complex algorithms to correct invalid entries, removes them and re organises your registry into a defragmented, efficient engine that Windows can quickly access for information. Wave goodbye to driver errors, rundll, DLL and EXE errors that give you nightmares.

A registry cleaner can speed up your computer by more than 400%. That to me, is a stress free, relaxing and speedy computing experience. In this day and age, we need to be on top of things and retrieve information at the click of a mouse.

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