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A Registry Cleaner - The Best Computer Cleaner


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This article is written to explain the advantages of using registry cleaners: the unsung computer cleaner hero. Too many times their importance has been overshadowed by expensive antispyware and antivirus programmes - leading to many people overlooking exactly how crucial the function of a good registry cleaner is to their overall desktop experience. It is the difference between a smooth purring machine that sets out to do the things you want it to do - or a frustrating slow dinosaur that frustrates you at every turn.

The registry is THE most important aspect of your computer, period. Without it Windows will not load and programmes will not function. If we look at it anatomically, it is the brain of the computer, the nerve centre which commands the rest of the system to perform as it should.

The registry contains information that is vital to all programmes and applications that reside within the computer. From your network connectivity, business applications, games, entertainment and even something as complex as AutoCAD or C Programming, they all depend on the registry to survive.

Antivirus and antispyware are good as a front line defence for the computer. They are the big guns of computer defence, blowing away all Trojans, worms, malicious malware and spyware that downloads bad programmes and compromises your privacy. They form an almost impenetrable barricade, huge nine foot walls backed by 42mm cannons. That, and your Windows and network firewall, keep these programmes away from the soft delicate computer.

But what if they get through? Even the most expensive of these programmes are challenged each day by new and more complex malware and viruses that can infiltrate with ninja like ability through the large networks of defence. Sometimes they are detected too late and have wracked havoc on our systems. Rundll errors, system crashes, programme conflicts, system slowdowns. These are all characteristics of such attacks to the computer.

Then these malware and viruses finally get detected and are given the boot. Great. But what about the damage done? Surface damage can be dealt with but deep registry harm due to these system attacks cannot be handled by the blunt hands of Norton or McAfee.

It needs the delicate brain surgeons that are Registry Cleaners. With their fine toothed comb, they detect and highlight all the errors within the registry that is left behind by these attacks, causing the various crashes and slowdowns within your system. Invalid entries left behind by malware and spyware, DLL errors left by viruses that hijack the code are identified and removed.

Not only that, Registry Cleaners dust away all the empty spaces left behind by deleted entries (left by programme uninstalls), invalid entries from bad programme installs, re indexes and reorganises all the fragmented data left within the registry to avoid slowdowns and computer start ups.

When tackling the tricky issue of computer maintenance, a registry cleaner is a vital computer cleaner that should not be overlooked. Registry cleaners come in small, extremely inexpensive packages that are integral to the survival of your computer. In the end of the day, we have something quite special - possibly the best mainframe cleaner in the computing world.

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Registry Cleaner - The Lifesaver for Your Computer!
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