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Totally Free Spyware Removal - 3 Ways to Avoid Covert Spyware Installs


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There are several methods of fighting Spyware (Spyware removal programs) that can easily be utilized to fight the problem. But before we discuss these methods I want to take a few minutes here and explain why Spyware has become such a large epidemic, especially over the last several years.

How Exactly Does Spyware Install Itself?

Spyware becomes a part of your computer through a variety of different ways. For example, many main stream online companies will promote free downloads for a selection of their programs. These downloads come with unwanted guests - bundled Spyware.

You are probably wondering why trusted companies would purposefully send Spyware along with their downloads. Isn't this criminal? Illegal perhaps? Why would they force you to use totally free Spyware removal for something you didn't ask for?

Because You Agreed To It:

It may seem wrong, but typically the applications that you download, do legally come with Spyware. Once your computer stores the program it also stores the Spyware that comes along with it.

So why is this acceptable? Because the legal permission can be found in the user-agreement. You know, the one that you clicked the “yes" box on the download page to accept all “terms and conditions"?

Sneaky, right? Yes, indeed. Who reads those agreements anyways? Nobody that I know, that's for sure. But that is the heart of the issue and why Spyware removal is so important. Very few computer users read articles like this and the average web surfer has no clue that all of those free downloads are bundled with Spyware that is taking over their PC.

Spyware That You Did Not Agree To:

While most Spyware removal programs are used to clean Spyware that you actually agreed to, as they came bundled with a free download application. But there are also Spyware programs that trick you into installing them. These are ran by companies that skillfully manipulate the every-day web surfer by a pop-up window that looks very similar to an error message that Windows would normally give you. It looks just the same and of course most people are not skilled enough to tell the difference.

The goal of these trick error pop-up boxes are the same as the free download tactic: to get you to click a button. When you see this “Windows error message" your protective instincts kick in and you blindly click the “fix error" button. But in reality you are simply installing Spyware and the sequence begins. Don't blame yourself, however, as it takes a special eye to catch the trap before being sucked in. Spyware removal articles such as this one will help keep you educated from now on and installing a totally free Spyware removal tool will fix the problem should the need occur.

It Gets Worse:

Are you starting to understand now why Spyware removal is so important and why there are infected computers in 9 out of 10 homes and offices? Well if bundled Spyware and tricky installation Spyware wasn't bad enough, there are programs that are designed to install themselves onto your computer without needing to download itself with a free program or even needing a fake Windows error box scenario.

What happens with these new programs is that there are certain web pages that maliciously trick the search engines so that they become indexed as having useful content. These pages are created and perhaps have something about “pets" on them. The search engine then indexes the page so that if you were looking for information on “pets" then this page may show up in the listing. Everything looks normal. The link explains that the information is about pets and once you click on it - it happens - you now have Spyware installed on your computer but hopefully you can use totally free Spyware removal software to detect and eliminate the malicious program.

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