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How to Protect Against Malware to Keep Harmful Intruders Away


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You need to learn how to protect against malware, even if you do not think your computer is infected. But chances are, your computer IS infected, despite what you think, because it is estimated that nine in ten computers are infected with malware/spyware (the two terms are interchangeable)

The “mal" in malware stands for malicious, as in malicious software, and the definition definitely fits! At its worst, malware can be used to get access to someone's personal banking and credit details. Yes, it is that easy to be a victim of identity theft. There are other types of malware that are not as dangerous, but are more annoying than anything else, such as weird pop ups, home pages on internet browsers that change randomly, strange desktop items, and Windows start icons that disappear. Malware is often associated with programs that you download off the internet for free. This is primarily seen in free music files like MP3's, as well as movie and television shows that are pirated. But interestingly enough, free malware removers available for download often have malware included on them.

To answer the question of how to protect against malware, you should use a malware remover that you have to pay for. Don't worry, they do not cost a lot of money. They are only about 20 to 50 dollars, and . A malware remover will not only get rid of the threats on your system, it will also protect your computer against future attacks, and you can also schedule future scans just to make sure no malware gets through.

Learn how to protect against malware , or else you and your computer will be at risk. Go to for a free scan to see if your computer is infected. You can also find a review of the top malware removers at that site, including out top choice, XoftSpySE


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