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Spyware Guard Just How Good is Spyware Guard?


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Spyware Guard

Spyware is a major issue affecting internet users these days. It seems that no matter where you turn, no matter which site you visit or how careful you think you are being on the internet, spyware and adware infections are everywhere and no-one can avoid them fully. This is made even more serious by the fact that if you do happen to become infected with spyware (like 75% of the online population already are!) then you face some very serious threats, such as people being able to monitor your every online move, track exactly what you are doing and when and also steal your personal information, identity and any credit card/bank details which can cause a whole heap of trouble for you if this happens, so it's best to try and avoid it.

How do you avoid this happening to you?

Simple, protect yourself. One of the tools out there to do this is called Spyware Guard. This tool will sit on your computer (it runs in the background) and will monitor the internet activity and if it spots any potential spyware it should block it, it should also scan your computer from time to time to detect and remove any spyware and AdWare that might already be present on your system.

How well does Spyware Guard work?

Well, it is true to say that it is not the best or most popular tool on the market. However, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and check out the trial. It installed pretty easy and was simple to set up and configure. The main problem that I have found with this tool is that it's spyware definition database is quite small. This means that it won't detect a lot of the infections that some of the other more powerful tools will (such as XoftSpySE which is the current market leader in spyware and adware removal). Spyware Guard did detect some of the spyware and removed it ok, but when I used XoftSPySE to double-check my computer, it found around 50 items of critical threat spyware that Spyware Guard missed. This could be quite serious as the spyware that is did not detect could be the very stuff that is stealing your credit card information! My personal view on this software is don't buy it, there are much better tools for a similar price that will do the job a LOT better.

So, Which tools will give me the best protection from spyware and adware?

As well as Spyware Guard, I have tested a number of other different products over the years in order to find the best one (I do a lot of internet work in my job and so I have to make sure I am as protected as I can be from these threats) and a lot of them have performed fairly well, however the best tool I have found to date is ‘XoftSpySE’. This removal tool is fantastic at what it does and pretty much removes all spyware and adware from your computer, leaving it clean as a whistle. As well as getting the BEST tool on the market with XoftSpySE, you also get:

- 24/7 Personal Customer Technical Support (something that no other tool will offer you!)
- FREE Lifetime access to future updates

- 100% Guaranteed Spyware and Adware removal!

If you really want to be 100% protected from spyware and AdWare, don't waste your time with tools that cost a small fortune and don't work - go for the BEST Spyware Removal Tool on the Market and rid your computer of spyware and AdWare forever. Discover the power of XoftSpySE Spyware Remover today!


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