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Windows Registry Repair Why You Must Repair Your Registry Regularly (1)

Julius Momoh Ozoh

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The Windows Registry houses all hardware, software, and user profiles configuration information of your Windows system. The Registry controls the operations of all programs installed on your computer and effect well their functionality. In other words, there is not a single Windows system process that can occur without seeking the help of the Registry. Therefore, it is very important for you to maintain your Registry in good condition.

Whenever you install an application on your Windows system, many entries are added to the Registry to make the application work. This is because every program references the Registry whenever they load their process for any operation. Now orphan keys are left behind when you uninstall applications, this often occurs when they are not properly uninstalled.

These entries are meant to be deleted when you uninstall the application. However, this rarely happens. Applications and software leave behind Registry keys that increase the size of the Registry causing it to become unstable and inaccessible. Now if this problem is not tackled it will leave you with a slow system.

The Registry incrementally accumulates obsolete and outdated entries from your many windows operations such as copying, cutting, pasting, saving or moving of files. Each and every task that you perform on your system makes an entry in the Registry. Ideally, these entries are supposed to get deleted when they are no longer required. However, most of the time, they stay behind and clutter the Registry. If they are mopped up, you have in your hand a bloated Registry.

Redundant keys are often arises from drivers and software updates and also due to program reinstallation and upgrade. When you reinstall applications or upgrade them, certain keys are added again to the Registry, without removing the earlier entry. This leads to generation of many redundant keys that add to the uncontrolled growth of the Registry.

A good Registry cleaner with a good repair mechanism will ensure that all these Registry problems are well taken care of. Registry cleaners are easy to download, install, and configure. You can schedule the Registry cleaner to run at regular intervals to ensure that your system is free from these aforementioned errors.

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You can also view the Top Recommended Registry Cleaners and The Best Spyware and Adware Removal tool’ that have been reviewed by experts.

About the Author: Julius Ozoh is a Systems Analyst and a Chief Consultant for an IT Consulting Firm. He has over 15yrs experience in Windows management, Networking, Broadband Internet Technologies, Web portal development and Applications. He has a master degree in Information science and several IT certification.


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Windows Registry Repair Top Tips to Quickly Fix Your Registry
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