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Windows Registry Repair Why You Must Repair Your Registry Regularly (2)

Julius Momoh Ozoh

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Registry holes are created many times, when an entry is deleted from the Registry, it leaves behind an empty space in its place. Accumulation of these vacant spaces make the Registry to be bloated overtime, it fragments the Registry, makes it unstable, and considerably slows down the system by increasing data access time. I notice this when I work manually with the Registry, I learn some couple of commands to compact the Registry after removing or completely deleting some entries from the Registry.

I have mentioned operations of the freeware products on whose platform most malware rides. Insertion of malicious entries by malware through adware and spyware are common areas of problems for the Registry. Malicious software programs, such as virus, Trojans, spyware, and adware, insert invalid entries in the Registry.

These entries hinder your work by generating numerous system errors, damaging the Registry to a non-repairable state, and rendering your system useless. Most of the problems caused by these Malware are often redress by a complete re-installation or restore some of the time. It is pertinent therefore to have a good antivirus, anti-spyware and Registry cleaner present in real-time on your system.

Embedded keys are used by programmers on software to save license information on your system and prevent users from tampering with software license agreements. These embedded Registry keys are almost impossible to remove. The way they are written is mostly to deter hackers from tampering with the usability functions especially when they are to be renewed for another subscription period.

However, these keys are also misused by many spyware programs to add irremovable entries to the Registry especially when they are introduced as trial programs. Over time, as you install and uninstall applications, the number of embedded Registry keys increases and, in turn, cause unwarranted Registry growth, leading it toward its slow death.

Lastly incorrect system shutdown causes hard damage to the Registry. To ensure quicker data access, the Registry is stored in the system memory when your computer is in operation. Any changes done to the Registry are updated to the system Registry during the shutdown process. Therefore, incorrect system shutdown-system crash, hard boot, or power failure can leave corrupt entries within the Registry and in more severe cases may also cause damage to Registry files.

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You can also view the Top Recommended Registry Cleaners and The Best Spyware and Adware Removal tool’ that have been reviewed by experts.

About the Author: Julius Ozoh is a Systems Analyst and a Chief Consultant for an IT Consulting Firm. He has over 15yrs experience in Windows management, Networking, Broadband Internet Technologies, Web portal development and Applications. He has a master degree in Information science and several IT certification.


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