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Corporate Security Password Manager How to Keep Your Company Passwords Secure

Alexander Golishev

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Companies spend a lot of money on information security buying expensive hardware and software to protect their financial data from loss and theft. However, it is not always easy to make sure that everything that belongs to a company stays in a company. This is especially true for corporate accounts which are normally password protected. However, the passwords that are used on your company accounts can be easily compromised. To avoid information leaks which can bring about financial losses, it is advisable to use a corporate security password manager.

The corporate security password manager stores all company passwords in a multi-user password database which is also password protected. The database can be accessed with either administrator password or user password. The administrator can manage the company account security policies. Specifically, he or she can create a multi-user password which can be given to your employees allowing them to login to corporate accounts without knowing account passwords.

Because the password manager logins your employees to accounts automatically, they don't have to type login and password. So the ‘forgotten password’ incident will never be the case. With the multi-user password, your employees can still see all the account details, except for the account password, so there is no way for them to login to corporate accounts from outside the company.

When some of your staff members leave the company, you naturally want to change some of the account passwords to keep the information secure. With the password manager, you don't have to change all of your account passwords. All you have to do is change the multi-user password and you can be sure that your former employees won't have access to your company accounts.

When you open new accounts, you don't have to slip your employees the login and password. With the password manager, they automatically get access to all new accounts through the multi-user password that you've already given them. If you want to change your corporate security policy, you can simply change the multi-user password and give it only to those who you trust.

All in all, password manager simplifies corporate password management providing easy access to account passwords while also preserving account security. With it, your employees and partners can login to corporate accounts quickly with no chance to compromise account passwords.

Alexander Golishev is a copywriter for Novosoft LLC , software developer.


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