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Spyware P2P Is Your P2P Program Infecting Your Computer, and What You Can Do About It


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Spyware and adware are both dangerous programs that install themselves on your computer often with you knowing about it. They can steal private information (including credit and social secutity numbers), bombard you with annoying pop up ads and generally slow your computer down to a snail's pace.

And unfortunately, very often the biggest culprit for the spread of spyware are through peer to peer file sharing programs. A peer to peer program is one where the users can send and receive files on their own hard drives using an intermediary network. Many of the programs people use to download music and movies are often P2P.

Finding a non spyware P2P program can be difficult. Many claim not to have any spyware but do in fact have additional installers that secretly infect your computer. For example Kazaa has long claimed to be a non spyware P2P yet is one of the worst culprits on the internet today. My own computer was destroyed from spyware originating from Kazaa so I can attest to its deadly effects.

If you have or have had any of the following spyware P2P programs I recommend downloading a spyware remover immediately:

  • Kazaa

  • Bearshare

  • Morpheus

  • eDonkey

  • iMesh

    The following programs have been tested to be spyware free:

  • Limewire (although some have complained, Limewire contains no “bundled" installers)

  • BitTorrent

  • Frostwire

    But please beware, using Limewire, BitTorrent, or Frostwire does not guarantee your computer will not be infected with spyware or adware. They may be non spyware P2P programs but with any P2P program it all depends on the files you download. Be careful with any . exe file and ALWAYS have an anti-spyware program scan ALL files you download.

    You can visit my website to choose the best spyware removal program for you. With so many options out there I have narrowed down the choices to what best fits your particular needs. I have also recommend what I consider the #1 remover of spyware P2P files. Come on in and have a look!

    Jim Marshall has been studying anti-spyware, adware, and malware systems for years.

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