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CECT I9 Quad Band Includes Java and is Among the Thinnest, Lightest, and Fastest of the IClones


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We were all happy in clone land when the SciPhone i68 first came out and included the latest edition of Java, offering enormous productivity and gaming potential via third party software and the standard MSN, PowerPoint and Excel. Plus, the i68 was sleek, thin, and extremely fast.

It didn't take very long for CECT to roll out a new, 2008 updated version of the SciPhone - the CECT i9. Like the i68, this new i model is a quad band with the latest edition of Java, but it's a bit faster and is every bit as sleek, thin and light weight as the i68, weighing only 95 grams and having the dimensions of 110mm x 60mm x 11.5mm.

The new i9 can now hold up to 4GB of memory and includes an FM radio recorder as well as web cam. It also has a slide unlock feature and an e book reader. This mobile includes the very popular “shake and tilt control" which means that you can advance music and video just by shaking the phone. There's no scrolling around involved. Likewise you can take video and photos from portrait to landscape (wide screen) just by tilting the phone. This makes it very intuitive.

Of course, as you might expect from a Chinese import, this phone has all of the standard “everything in one phone" features like the ability to browse the web, email and text via MMS, GPRS, and WAP 2.0. It has the dual sim standby, with one sim having the capability of simultaneously being online. There is a built in MP3/ MP4, a 2.0 mega pixel digital camera / web cam, and Bluetooth. (The camera is a bit of an upgrade as the i68 and most of the original clones (P168, i32, etc. ) have 1.3 MP cameras. ) The phone automatically adjusts the status of your videos and photos as you play them. CECT's speakers are known for being crisp and loud and those on the i9 mobile are no exception.

This i9 phone also has a 3.2 inch high definition finger touch screen with the “menu flow in and out" capability. Information transfer from computer to phone is via USB high speed transfer. Talk time on this one is a whopping 200 - 380 minutes depending on your network.

Price wise (depending on the amount of memory included in the phone), the i9 runs anywhere from $150 and up, which puts in right in the middle of clone pricing. Considering your own choice of low cost carrier will likely save you a lot of money over the life of the phone and all of the productivity and smart phone / gaming features included and now available for download, this seems more than fair. I really find this to be a high quality phone worth that price.

To view video, close up photos, full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing on the CECT i9 quad band, please visit

For much more information on the SciPhone i68 (also mentioned in this article), please visit


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I68 Quad Band - A Popular Shake and Tilt iPhone Clone That Supports Java and Up .
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