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Why Computer Slow Down


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Why do computer slow down after you have had and used them for some time? You will suddenly realize that the super fast computer you brought back from the store is no longer performing as you expect.

There are number of cause that could be responsible for this but the number one reason will be a corrupted or damaged windows registry. The computers windows operating system is controlled and managed by its registry. This registry is the software that controls all aspect of you computer. From the way it starts up to the way it manages all your files, games, pictures and all the hard ware connected to your pc. As you carry out your every day tasks on you computer the registry not only tracks the command but also keeps a record of what is taking place. As you can imagine over a period of time the registry can become so large and complicated that your computer will start to slow down. You will start to have more severe problems with your computer when the registry becomes damaged or corrupt in some way. This is when your computer will really start to misbehave, slowing down, freezing or displaying the dreaded blue screen.

Now there is a simple solution to a damaged registry and that is just to correct the offending files or entries. Remove or repair them. This may sound simple but in practis unless you are a computer programmer then it's wise not to attempt this yourself. One incorrectly deleted or moved file will cause no end of problems to smooth running of you computer and may even result in a total failure of the computer itself

There is available software that is known registry cleaners that will carry out a scan of your complete registry highlighting any problems and giving you the option to correct them. This will reinstate the registry back to it optimum sate and thus ensuring that you computer will run like new again. The beauty of these cleaners are once installed you can scan and clean your registry as many time as your like so if your computer stars to slow down again then a few simple clicks of your mouse will have you computer running like the day you brought it home from the.

Having trouble with your computer?Did you know there are FREE programs that will identify, fix and improve your computers speed. Take a look at -4 of the most popular registry cleaners on the market all offering a FREE scan are reviewed. Get your FREE scan now. Fix that computers speed.


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What Causes My Computer to Get Slow, & How Can I Speed Up My Computer?
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