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Computer Running Slow? Take The Computer Performance Test

Craig Wilson

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My wife has always said that I am impatient person however when I could make my morning coffee in the time it took my ancient Toshiba laptop to fire up I thought there had to be a problem or two. Sure the laptop is far from cutting edge technology but I do remember a day when it performed quite well and I have been reluctant to upgrade it because of the hope that one day it will be returned to it's former glory.

When I say I thought there was a problem or two I could not have been further from the truth. Try two thousand, eight hundred and fifty six problems! This was certainly a surprise to me and no wonder the poor old girl was having a hard time processing my requests. All of these errors where found after running a free registry scan and I am happy to report that even though my coffee making is not that slow the computer now beats me every morning without fail.

So where do these registry errors come from? I can only surmise that as the trusty laptop is used for mainly internet related chores that the majority of the errors came about from downloading programs and on occasion removing programs. I am also informed that registry errors can be the result of poorly written programs, they can also be deliberately written into programs by lovely people trying to ruin your day and also that removing programs by the conventional methods can leave files behind that are now defunct and can cause issues in the registry.

After running the scan I decided that something definitely needed to be done and I let the registry repair program do it's magic and as I said things have improved out of sight. If you feel that your computer system is not it's usual self and perhaps it is suffering from unexplained crashes or you are getting error messages more often than you get email I suggest you take a look at the program that I used to turn an old ailing laptop into a turbo charged pocket rocket! I am sure you will be surprised with the results.

Don't take my word for it, try the Free System Scan and see what a registry cleaner program can do for your system. Suffer no longer and visit for the complete solution to optimizing your pc's performance!


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