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PC Safety - Free Anti Virus Software


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The results of having a virus, worm or Trojan horse enter your computer can be devastating, so what can you do to protect yourself from one of these nasty viruses.

There are many anti virus software programs available online today and they are available to be downloaded instantly. There are many paid programs as well as many free programs.

It is often thought that a paid program is the better choice as “you get what you pay for". This is not always the case though and there are some very good free anti virus software programs that are available but you must make sure that the program you decide to use is a reputable program and has good reviews.

In fact a while ago I was personally using a paid anti virus software that is a very well known and popular program. However, while under the protection of this particular program I did receive a Trojan horse virus onto my computer which had devastating results. There was no way that I could get rid of the virus except to have everything on my computer deleted and have Windows reinstalled.

The anti virus software that I was using at the time did not pick up the virus during any scans.

Before I deleted everything from my computer I saved all my files and programs onto disk. When I got my computer back from the shop with Windows reinstalled I then downloaded a different anti virus program - a free one. With this program installed I then proceeded to scan my files and programs that I had saved onto disk and the new, free software program actually picked up the Trojan horse virus on one of the files.

As a result of this personal experience I have never used a paid anti virus software program since and only use the free anti virus software program and I have never had any major viruses enter my computer while using the free program.

Viruses can have devastating effects on your computer and the longer they are on your computer undetected the worse those effects can be. You can lose all your files and programs and if you don't have them backed up on a backup disk it can be devastating. You can lose business files, personal photos and much more if one of these dreadful viruses takes control of your computer. Not only that but you can also unknowingly pass on a virus to your friends and colleagues via emails.

It is vital that you have an anti virus software program installed on your computer and set up to run regular scans as well as scan all incoming emails and downloads. As there are many free anti virus software programs available there is really no excuse for not having one installed. Keep your files, photos and your computer safe and install an anti virus software program today.

Azwan Asmat is the author of Chuang Computer Tips - - Online threats have become a major computer security issue. Would you like to know the secret of securing your PC from dangerous spyware, adware, and malware programs that can ruin your PC, your finances, and your sanity?!! Visit for more info.


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