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Free Anti Spyware and Anti Virus Softwares - How Effective Are They?


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Free Anti Spyware and Anti Virus Downloads can now be found in every corner of the web but there is still a question as to how effective they really are. Despite the availability of these programs it is still difficult for those affected to find totally free spyware removal software that can pinpoint and remove all adware or malware running in their PC. Immediate remedy should be sought against spyware whose indicators include:

  • Automatic redirecting or hijacking of websites to other unrelated websites.
  • Unintended software installation on your system,
  • Pop-up window adverts
  • Background audio and music advertisement
  • A slowing down of PC operations and
  • Unexpected changes in program settings.

Furthermore nearly all internet users have had their Computers infected by spyware at some point and found it hard to completely rid their PCs of these infections. However some of the available free spyware removal software can be as effective as the more expensive spyware removers. The first place to go for those running Microsoft Windows OS would be at for a free copy of Windows Defender which guards your computer against pop-ups, slow performance, and spyware related privacy violations. This downloadable software provides Real-Time Protection, a monitoring system that advises the user against spyware when detected and also minimizes task interruptions and helps you stay on track. Below is a checklist for those searching for free spyware removal software. Effective spyware remover should:

  • Detect and completely remove the different adware/malware variants (e. g. dialers, homepage hijackers, viruses, spam etc. ) present in your PC.
  • Provide real-time protection by preventing spyware from infecting your computer.
  • Warn and block all known websites that contribute to spyware infection.
  • Provide frequent and totally free spyware removal updates.
  • Be able to check your RAM, Registry, hard disks, and external storage devices for known data-collecting, advertising and tracking components.

Some adware/spyware removal experts recommend that you install more than one anti spyware software due to the fact that few of them will completely eradicate the various forms of spyware available. Computer users should be on the watch when visiting new websites and do research on the softwares they intend to install on their PCs before these same softwares contribute to data corruption, irritating pop-up ads, hacker attacks, spying and identity theft.

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