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Softwares are the ultimate need of the present business. Every business organization needs softwares to carry out their business processes successfully and efficiently. The organization always wants a well worthy software in a very optimum price, so they tend to look for a better option of solutions and off course in a lesser price to maximize the profits.

Due to the high market value of USD, UK-POUND and EURO the development cost of the software are most likely to be very high in these Developed Nations. Therefore, the business organizations are looking for a lower cost options and the same same quality of work as well. So, they are Outsourcing their Business Processes to the developing nations like India. India is considered as the best destination to outsource the IT related work in the last 5 years from the USA, UK and other European Countries. India is the leading beneficiary of the IT related outsourcing, because of the following reasons -

- A large pool of Technically Qualified Professionals are available in India with above average IQ, which makes it a large force in the IT related works.

- The most important advantage is the cost factor - in India a Professional Software Engineer or IT Professional is available to work for a monthly salary of less than USD500 equivalent which is not likely to be happened in US/UK etc. The quality of services provided by them is at par the International Standards and they are flexible to work in any time zone of this world.

- The Geographical Distance is not a problem for the Software or IT related services. It is possible to implement the developed software online from any place connected to Internet unless it is a very complex application and the support needed for the maintenance can be provided from any place in the world via Internet. So, the Geography has now become History for the modern day technology.

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What is Offshore and Offsite Development?
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