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The day will come when your boss will come to you with the task of finding software to keep track of your company's assets. You will go to the web, scouring sites that will give you more information than you ever wanted to know regarding asset tracking. Asset tracking software requires a database to store this information, labels to scan or key in and a portable data collection device. The day of keeping tracking of assets (computers, desks, chairs, etc) around the office using pen, paper has gone by the wayside. Save yourself the time of having to keep track of this information, then having to key it all into Excel.

There are many Asset Tracking Software packages out on the market. Choosing which one is right for you depends on how detailed you want to get. Low cost packages start around $500.00 and can run several thousands of dollars. Choose a package that allows you to import and export information. Many software packages come with predefined reports built into the program. If you are company that currently has a list of your assets in a database, part of the work is already done for you. Many packages allow you to dump that information into their asset tracking software program. I would encourage everyone to use a preprinted barcode label for tracking. There is too much room for human error in keying in several numbers. Scanners these days can be inexpensive and save you a lot of time.

Many customers ask if they can use their current asset number in a barcode. This can be more confusing. Start with a roll of preprinted asset labels. Our company sells them in convenient rolls of 500 in sequence. Use your current asset id number with the barcode label. Think of your automobile; if your license plates fall off, the police can track your car by your VIN number. A barcode label and an existing asset id number can have the same relationship within the software.

Having a system for tracking your assets gives you a sense of security and gives your employees a sense of responsibility if they know that things are being accounted for.

Brad Hole is President of Eversio Technologies ; a Seattle based business specializing in automated data collection, barcoding, and labeling.


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