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Nowadays, fax services are undeniable one of the most important communications among human. If doesn't matter how big is your business, what's your business nature and how you run your business - you just need a fax service to send out those documents. The recent survey that shows a bigger percentage of business phone bills are for faxing prove that the fax is still one of the ‘must-have services’ for your office.

However, faxing nowadays doesn't rely only on conventional faxing machine. By utilizing the Internet, we can now easily send out ‘eFax’. Internet faxing, or sometimes known as email faxing or online fax, is one of the latest technologies that provides its users to send and receive faxes without a fax machine. Instead, Internet access and an email account is all that is required.

If you used a fax machine before then you can understand how frustrating it is when the fax machine jams, cuts off page text, stops in the middle of a transmission, or the receiving fax machine is constantly busy or out of paper. Further more, the extra cost of maintaining a fax machine become a heavy burden to the users.

Internet faxing is giving a much more convenient faxing service to the user compare to traditional fax machine. No more paper jamming, smooth transmission, 24 hours stand by with no more engage tone, and most of all, minimum cost for maintaining the service. Also, Internet faxing users don't need to pay for the extra phone line, fax equipments and maintenance cost. All you need is to pay the subscribing fees to the faxing software and the cost per fax.

Seeing Internet fax as an effective answer to the old fax machine, several vendors have produced and are selling Internet faxing services nowadays. There are companies that offer software only solutions that allow you to fax directly from your computer to any fax machine; and there are services offer fax-to-IP Internet gateway products, which are hardware-based routers that emulate a fax machines.

Faxing services that use software (for example eFax or CallWave fax) require that you sign up with fax service provider. For eFax Internet faxing services, the monthly service charge is from $0-$19.95 depend on which package you go for; while limiting their users to only receive fax, CallWave fax charge their users less than 10 bucks per monthly. The advantages of using this method are that faxing becomes considerably cheaper because you are not making long distance connections over the phone lines, no hardware is required, you get faster transmission, you can send many faxes at once, no dedicated fax lines are needed, and a web interface is available if you wish to add fax-on-demand capability to a website.

Another type of Internet faxing is known as fax-to-IP. Fax-to-IP Internet gateway products needs hardware-based routers that emulate a fax machines. With these, faxing is done in the regular way using the fax machine, but the gateway device, which then dials the destination fax machine and sends the fax, interrupts the process. The fax-to-IP service is good if you don't send a lot of faxes, but would still like to take advantage of the savings of using Internet delivery. It is also good if you do a lot of international fax calls. The disadvantages are that you won't save much on either domestic faxing, or faxing to countries where the Internet infrastructure is less well developed.

Undeniable, faxing is one of the core communications in our daily life. With the rise of high speed Internet, Internet faxing had gave us a new option on faxing. As the monthly running cost of Internet faxing is relative low and you can always enjoy a free trial on the service, we believe you should give a try on this latest technology.

For more details on eFax services, we suggest

For more details on CallWave fax services, we suggest

If you would like to know more about Internet faxing by eFax and CallWave, we suggest this page for comparisons guide: eFax vs CallWave Fax

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