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A problem that comes with taking care of personnel records is the accuracy and the quantity of the information that needs to be considered. Your human resource personnel are often overwhelmed by this task because amount of information that has to be considered. This information needs to be accurate to compute the proper compensation an employee is to receive. Things to consider are the attendance records, the number of holiday and sick leaves used and the actual leaves that are still allotted. Overtime pay can also be a headache, because personnel may not be paid the same in cases of overtime.

A personnel time tracking system can help your human resource officer keep track of the attendance record of each employee. Your time tracking software can be configured to alert your supervisor if an employee has excessive absences or tardiness. By entering all the data into your system, leaves of absences can be automatically monitored, and personnel will automatically be denied request, if a leave is requested when the allotted number leaves are already used up. A monthly report can be generated for your supervisor to help keep track of the attendance records of your personnel under their jurisdiction. Having a system with web capabilities also allows you and your personnel to access attendance records to be aware of your own actions.

Another tedious task and often difficult task is to evaluate the progress of your personnel. Sometimes without any tangible method of calculating the progress of your personnel, it is very hard to justify a pay raise. By keeping track of their progress via the time they spend on their job responsibilities determining whether or not a pay raise is warranted is an easy task.

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personnel time tracking software

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