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Golang Vs Node.js: Which One to Choose?


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At present, the web developers, and the mobile have a wide range of choices between the advanced programming languages. Today, choosing a language is feasible for both the front-end and back-end developers.

There is a language known as NodeJS that is popular, and broadly working open source server framework, it allows a user to run the JavaScript on the server. It helps the user to make fast and extremely scalable network applications.

What is Node JS?

NodeJS is not only a particular language for the back-end development. There is another popular Google programming language known as Go and referred to as Golang.

What is Golang?

Golang is an open source programming language, it is also known as the Google Go, and the language is very efficient and expressive. It is very easy to write programs because of its mechanism. It is a compiled language that is statically typed. It was developed as an experiment by Google in 2007 with an aim to develop the working speed.

Comparison based on the Level of Maturity

The users compare the Golang and NodeJS on the basis of their maturity level. Both the languages came into light in 2009. In comparison regarding the APIs for both the languages, Golang is quite stable and mature, whereas NodeJS is highly indefinite because the APIs are below constant changes. The developers face these issues while developing or writing the modules of the Node.

On the basis of the Performance

In terms of performance, NodeJS is an interpreted language that runs on JavaScript it is quite slower than the Golang. Because Golang is a compiled language that works in C, C++. Golang performs much well than NodeJS in terms of memory-bound tasks and performance of CPU.

In terms of Handling Errors

NodeJS is more popular among the developers in terms of handling errors, it catches the errors easily, though sometimes it shows issues related to its consistency in the end.

In Golang, it is quite difficult for the Golang web development companies to find the errors easily and their reasons. It gives normal error checking. But the end result of the Golang is reliable and perfect.

Who is More Flexible?

In terms of flexibility, Go language is more flexible than NodeJS. As the developer is used to perform parallel tasks in one go along. The Go language provides multiple threads to the developers so that they can easily perform their multiple projects at a single time.

Whereas in NodeJS, the developers or the users cannot perform multiple tasks at a single time because of its weak parallel process. A developer can perform a single project at one time.

Easy In learning

In terms of learning, NodeJS is more convenient for the user to learn quickly, as Golang is a complete language that requires proper learning. If a user wants to learn a particular language, they need to start from its initial that includes specific process, rules, and programming concepts.

But in terms of NodeJS, if the user is well known with the JavaScript language, then they will easily understand the NodeJS. And, there is the number of educational material is provided by the JavaScript that will help the user to learn the language. Thus NodeJS is simpler than the Golang Language.

Number of Developers in terms of Use

According to the statistics, the Best App Developers are more into using the JavaScript language that is NodeJS; it is popular among the developers without any doubt. The stats indicate that 63% of the developers use the NodeJS language, and only 5% of users go with the Golang language.

So the question arose for the developers that which language one can choose?

It depends upon the requirement of the project, which includes the size of the project, and what type of development it requires.

NodeJS is popular among the developers, and it is the most used language because it works on JavaScript framework, it provides a wide range of package that is tough to apply in Go language. It provides better, and exclusive support the developers in writing their modules or codes.

The big companies like Netflix; LinkedIn uses NodeJS as their programming language on a regular basis.

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