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Why Outsourcing Java Programming To A Dedicated Employee In India Is A Good Idea


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IT outsourcing has always been synonymous with India, thanks to its abundant talent pool of experienced, talented and skilled software professionals. So, when it comes to outsource Java programming or Java development project, India becomes the first and natural choice of destination.

Outsourcing success depends relies heavily on the twin pillars of low costs and high skills, both of which are present in plenty in India. However, even within the burgeoning outsourcing market there are options galore, the two most common being the offshore freelancer and the dedicated virtual employee. Obviously, it all boils down to your specific job requirements, budget and the amount of investments you are prepared to make in terms of time and energy.

That said, a fair comparison between a freelancer and a virtual employee always tilts the scales in favour of the latter. This is because a virtual employee is nothing but an employee (your employee) who works for you like a local hire but from a remote vendor's office here in India. So, it is outsourcing and yet not really outsourcing since you don't lose any control over either your work or your outsourcing partner. In that case, if you decide to employ a virtual employee to handle your outsourced Java development project, it is probably the best thing to do for extracting maximum mileage out of outsourcing.

So, just how does a dedicated Java programmer benefit you and your organization?

1. For one, you get to save on not only the salary of your remote employee but also on all the extra overheads that are inevitable part of every new recruitment, such as employee benefits, provident fund, taxes and legal expenses.

2. You don't have to invest anything extra in infrastructure such as office space, additional workstations, new hardware and software and computer peripherals (webcam, headphones, printer, fax etc). The really reputed vendors, such as which is one of India's top outsourcing companies, provide all these facilities to their employees who then work for you as your virtual employee.

3. It is easy to manage, collaborate with and control your remote employee, thanks to the vendor's state-of-the-art communication technology. This is the one thing that truly sets apart a freelancer from the virtual employee model of outsourcing. It is next to impossible to have any kind of collaboration with a freelancer since most usually work from home and are not likely to have invested in expensive equipment and heavy-duty technology. With a remote employee, you are always just a phone call, an email, a Skype chat or a video conferencing session away.

4. Data security is always a lurking threat with the average freelancer, who neither has the resources nor the means to invest in costly security measures (virtual servers, firewalls, etc). With a virtual employee Java developers , on the other hand, you data may as good as never have left your office at all! This is because reputed vendors have everything customized to your needs. So, at your request, your employee can work from the vendor's office but they will work on either the vendor's virtual server or directly on your server with nothing stored on their systems back in the India.

5. Finally, while a freelancer works for several clients simultaneously (and you are just one of them), a virtual employee works exclusively and dedicatedly for you alone.

Outsourcing Java programming to India is a good decision but hiring a virtual employee to work on it is a wise decision.


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