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Enjoy The Security Of A Local Employee Even With A Remote Java Software Application Developer


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Outsourcing conjures up different images for different people. While some would equate outsourcing with freelancing, others visualize large outsourcing companies which take on massive volumes of work outsourced from US-based multinationals. But very few would know that there is a third dimension to outsourcing, and that is having your very own dedicated virtual employee who works exactly like a regular employee, except they do so remotely.

Now imagine having such a virtual employee handling your outsourced work. No more worries of having work being abandoned mid-way, no more frustrating silences or interrupted communication or emails going unanswered. So, if you were to hire a remote Java software application developer it would be akin to hiring a local Java developer.

In what ways exactly can a remote Java developer be as good as a locally hired employee?

  1. What are the attributes of a physically present employee? They are always under close supervision, are accountable and have their performance monitored. This is applicable to a virtual employee since they work from the well-equipped office of the outsourcing service provider where the vendor's HR executives are always at hand to monitor and supervise their virtual employee.
  2. Software development work requires advanced hardware and software to tackle the complexity of the work involved. And since all outsourcing depends heavily on the Internet, a fast lease line connection that provides stable connectivity is a must. Unlike a freelancer who works from home and has limited resources, the virtual employee's office is well-equipped with the latest technology to ensure that work never suffers.
  3. Data security is never an issue with a local hire. They work from your office and on your equipment. The good news is that data security is also a given with your virtual Java developer for the simple reason that the vendor has created a virtual work environment wherein the client's precious company information and other sensitive data never gets stored on their local servers but directly on the client's server itself.
  4. Professional conduct, unfortunately, is not always associated with a freelancer. A virtual employee, however, is as professional as a local employee. The vendor's HR managers and executives act as your representatives and see to it that each and every virtual employee puts in the stipulated shift hours, further aided by electronically monitored logs.
  5. . Long-term association and permanence are the traits that one looks for in a local employee - qualities that are seldom mentioned in connection with a freelancer. But these are the very attributes that make the virtual Java developer such a valuable asset for any organization because this employee can work for you, not on a short-term basis, but for years and years.

So, a virtual Java application developer may be sitting thousands of miles away, but they are a remote addition to your team, and an extension of your organization. In a sense, even though you are outsourcing you haven't really contracted with an external third party. Your work remains very much in your hands, thanks to your dedicated virtual employee.


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