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Articles about or concerning Personal Computers, Home Networks and Network Equipment, Home PC Protection, Downloads, Home PC Reviews and Tips.
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Cheap Laptops- Buying a Laptop is Not Easy Task

 Fletcher Mak (June 28, 2007)  At the time of buying a cheap laptop, you have to consider many aspects. An average person can’t understand the hi-tech language associated to computers like Flat panel TFT, wireless, WiFi connectivity etc. And, laptops are quite expensive and you can’t go for impulse buying. You have to do a proper research and then you should go for the laptops which can cater to your .. (Personal Tech)

iPod Accessories - Heighten Your Music Listening Experience

 Lilly Sienna (June 28, 2007)  Wider acceptance and significance of songs and music in our life have made it an indivisible part of our life. Invention of several of musical instruments and equipments allowing us to hear the recorded music and songs is proof of this bare fact. iPod, the latest discovery in the field of songs and music aid accessories, have become a popular device. Capable of occupying thousands of .. (Personal Tech)

IPod Nano Accessories - Must Have Gadgets

 Korbin Newlyn (June 27, 2007)  Apple's iPod Nanos can give you 2000 songs right at your fingertips and with all the iPod Nano accessories available you can expand its capabilities greatly. With some of the convenient cases available the miniature player fits easily in your pocket or armband. Numerous people realize that the simplified access to the music on the tiny player as an easy and viable method to enjoy their .. (Personal Tech)

Download Free Video Zune - The Easy Way

 Rick Tames (June 27, 2007)  If you have the new device Zune by Microsoft, you already know what a great piece of electronic equipment you have on your hands. Availability for free Zune video download is becoming easier to find and easier to get your hands on. Before you know it, the internet will be bombarded with offers of a free Zune video download. You can still get plenty of free video Zune download right .. (Personal Tech)

Laser Pointers - The Laser Beam Revolution

 Jim Bradley (June 24, 2007)  Laser pointers are leading the way in global laser technology and are quickly becoming a common tool amongst laser enthusiasts and professionals alike. Pointers were not always this easy to purchase however. When lasers were first being produced they were very large and bulky, incapable of being compacted into the form of a hand held portable laser. The most popular laserpointer is the . (Personal Tech)

Salvation Helicopters - As Seen On TV!

 Keith R Scott (June 24, 2007)  The new Salvation Helicopter is a lightweight radio controlled micro helicopter, which has been featured on the new reality TV show, “Tycoon” on ITV1. This article aims to give you more information on micro rc helicopters, they are great fun to fly indoors, and Salvation helicopters, the new micro heli that is giving these top toys national TV fame and fortune! Tycoon is a .. (Personal Tech)

Blue Tooth Headsets - Are They Safe To Use While Driving?

 Keith R Scott (June 24, 2007)  Blue tooth headsets comprise of an ear piece and microphone that can be used with a variety of Blue tooth enabled hand held electronic devices such as mobile or cell phones, PDAs, and some digital music players, for example the iPod, and even some games consoles. Blue tooth is a term used to describe a wireless technology that can be used in various electronic devices to allow wireless . (Personal Tech)

The Amazing Technology Of The MP3 Player

 Michelle Bery (June 23, 2007)  For many of us it was not so long ago that recorded music existed solely on the tracks of a vinyl album. Aside from randomly hearing them on the radio, our favorite songs could only be heard with the aid of a record player. But technology changed at the speed of light and before we could blink we had 8-track tapes, cassette tapes, and then CDs. As consumers, we all assumed that CDs .. (Personal Tech)

Tech Review - Microsoft Zune 30GB Media Player

 Calvin Chang (June 22, 2007)  Apple’s almighty iPod has yet another competitor - Microsoft’s Zune Media Player. You had to have seen it coming - Bill wasn’t about to let his old friend Steve monopolize a market. That was supposed to be Microsoft’s thing. Sure, the iPod is at the pinnacle of its dominion now with many a diehard follower, but this won’t be the first time Microsoft makes a . (Personal Tech)

iPod iTunes - Sharing A World Of Music

 Korbin Newlyn (June 21, 2007)  The iPod is a compact, small piece of stereo equipment that has in today's society become very popular due to the fact that it is convenient and has the capability to store massive amounts of information and music. Purchasing an iPod has also become a sort of fad as well, as numerous people, both old and young, have a feeling that they must join the fad and go out and buy an iPod for .. (Personal Tech)

Sports Headphones

 Keith R Scott (June 21, 2007)  Many people work out at the gym, go running, jogging or walking on a daily basis as part of their regular exercise routine. Listening to our favourite music is a definite motivator for those of us who like to exercise regularly. The increasing popularity of small portable mp3 digital music players like the iPod has made listening to music on the move far easier and more enjoyable. This .. (Personal Tech)

Learn About Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

 Keith R Scott (June 20, 2007)  Noise cancelling headphones use circuitry inside the headset that blocks out external background noise when activated. This can be extremely useful when travelling on an aircraft or a train for instance, when there is constant, low-level background noise present. This article will give some impartial reviews and advice on noise cancelling or noise reduction headphones manufactured by .. (Personal Tech)

Should You Choose A Palm Or Windows Mobile PDA?

 Aaron Smith (June 14, 2007)  In the computer world it's Windows versus Mac OS X and Linux. There are endless debates about which operating system is the best, with some pretty passionate people on both sides of the fence. Well, the PDA and Smartphone world is not much different. There is a version of Windows called Windows Mobile, the Palm OS and a few other smaller players. And again, people are passionate about .. (Personal Tech)

Tablet PC - A Revolution In Digital Penmanship

 Darlene Kaitlene (June 14, 2007)  What is a Tablet PC? Let's try to understand what a tablet PC is. PC here refers to Personal Computer. It is thus a fully equipped PC in itself in the form of a slate-shaped mobile computer. It has a touch screen which enables computer operation with a special type of pen which is digital in nature. The touch screen is sensitive to fingertip as well. This dispenses with the need of .. (Personal Tech)

Anti Virus Software Rating - 4 Things to Consider

 Gary Scott (June 14, 2007)  Choosing an anti virus software is a challenging task which can be helped by taking into consideration a good anti virus software rating. Since vendors started distributing products as downloads over the internet the amount of choice as exploded and it is becoming more difficult to select the right software for you. While Norton AntiVirus and McAfee still dominate the retail shelves .. (Personal Tech)

Internet Security Software Review - 4 Quick Tips

 Richard Rogers (June 09, 2007)  Buying security software to protect your computer from threats on the internet can be quite a daunting task for the average home user. Luckily there are some decent internet security software review sites available but you need to be careful. There are a number of software review sites on the internet but sometimes it is difficult to determine the ones you can trust. Affiliates use .. (Personal Tech)

Are You As Safe As You Think

 Bill Pietras (June 09, 2007)  How safe is your neighborhood? Do you still leave your doors unlocked at night? Maybe if you live in the country where everybody knows their neighbors its ok. My wife, Lara, grew up in the country in a little town called Tarrs, PA. It's outside Pittsburgh near where flight 93 went down. Gosh, much has changed over the years. The door was only ever locked when the whole family went to .. (Personal Tech)

The Rio MP3 Player - Affordable MP3 Technology

 Michelle Bery (June 08, 2007)  For music enthusiasts everywhere, the most modern version of portable music enjoyment is the MP3 player. A small and comprehensive system that holds your personal play lists, keeps track of your calendar, and even allows video function has revolutionized the way in which we are entertained. The MP3 player was designed for a modern society on the go; such technology allows us to enjoy .. (Personal Tech)

Personalizing Your iPod With iPod Cases

 Michelle Bery (June 08, 2007)  In today’s day and age, entertainment has become more high-tech than ever. Our computers have become sources of entertainment on every level – allowing us to watch movies, listen to music, and connect to the outside world from the privacy of our own homes. The iPod is the most recent example of entertainment reaching the next level. Now, more than ever, we are able to enjoy .. (Personal Tech)

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