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Available Wi-Fi Options You Can’t Even Know About

Nataly Perekhrest

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Living in the age of tech advancement and free availability of online technologies and mobile devices, we cannot even imagine a day without the global network. Just think about the way you start your day. You get up in the morning and reach for your smartphone that is on the nearest bedside table to find out the hot new or browse through the news list in your favorite social network. If you are pressed for time, you just have breakfast (or don’t have it at all – that’s also possible!) and rush to your office with… your mobile devices in your hand or a bag. On your way to the office, you connect to the Internet and use your smartphone or tablet to spend the time as you need. Does this situation seem familiar to you? And it’s no wonder, because this is the way most busy people start their days. Correspondingly, absence of the Internet makes us feel puzzled and confused and if you are on the go without the Wi-Fi connection, you may face lots of difficulties.

To avoid such situations or prevent at least some of them, it is desirable to know the places, where you can find free Wi-Fi hotspots on the go. While some of these places, such as public cafes or fast food chains are known to everyone, there are also those you can’t even think about. They may be found in your neighborhood, but you will fail to find them unless you know where they are located. Let’s discuss some of the most unexpected places, where you can launch to Wi-Fi. All of them can be subdivided into three categories, so, let’s discuss each of them in detail.

Easy Ways to Find Wi-Fi

Apart from the local cafes, restaurants and fast food chains, Wi-Fi may be available at the libraries, airports, hotels, supermarket chains and even hospitals. Some universities and schools consider it important to launch Wi-Fi networks not to encourage their students and pupils to have fun during the lessons or between them, but to help them find information they might need for educative purposes. What you should remember, though, is that not all of these organizations and institutions offer free Wi-Fi connection. Instead, many of them set passwords to provide only the limited categories of users with free Wi-Fi access. For the rest of users, this option will be either paid or impossible at all.

Another simple way to detect unprotected and free Wi-Fi hotspots is by using your smartphone. This option is especially available if you are using your smartphone or any other mobile device in your neighborhood. To detect free WiFi near me , your smartphone should be Wi-Fi enabled to be able to identify the closest open or password-protected networks. If they are open, you won’t have any problems to connect to them. Otherwise, you will have to keep looking for another Wi-Fi spot.

Medium Wi-Fi Search Complexity

While looking for Wi-Fi hotspots using your smartphone or networks of local organizations and cafes does not trigger any difficulties, the problem may arise when the incorporated scanners on your mobile devices work slowly or cannot provide you with the required information about the local networks for some reason. Have you even faced such situations? If so, then you can go two ways here. The first way is to make use of the Wi-Fi hotspots maps or suchlike services developed by companies like . These are the services, which make it possible for you to find out the free Wi-Fi hotspots located around the world. This is very convenient and quite easy and hassle-free as well.

Another way you can try is downloading special apps and using advanced tools for detecting and scanning nearby Wi-Fi networks. These applications can be downloaded from the Internet and are specially meant for Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone etc. In most cases, these applications should be installed on a mobile device you are planning to use, so, get ready to this in advance and take your time to download and install the app.

High Wi-Fi Concerns

There are situations, when you urgently need to connect to Wi-Fi, but this is impossible for some reason. For example, you may be somewhere out of the town with no or limited access to Wi-Fi hotspots around. It is not a secret that desperate situations require desperate measures. The same concerns the search for Wi-Fi as well.

To start with, you can tether your smartphone or any other mobile device you have at hand to make it function as a router. Keep in mind that the device won’t function quickly, but it will still offer you the expected connection to the web. Finally, you can try cracking the nearest Wi-Fi network, but this is quite a challenging task that requires awareness of the subject matter, knowledgeability and a certain degree of expertise. We won’t focus on the detailed Wi-Fi network cracking instructions now. They are provided on the web if needed, but we certainly don’t recommend making use of this option, unless this is the matter of emergency.

With such an extensive list of looking for Wi-Fi hotspots, you will hardly face problems during the process. So, choose those you need depending upon the situation, emergency factor and may your effort be a success!


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