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7 Tips To Remember When Setting Up A Wireless Security System

Rose Li

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Looking to set up a wireless security system in your home or office? Here are a few nifty tips to keep in mind:

Protect Your Cameras With Dummies. Dummy cameras are the perfect complement to wireless CCTV cameras. These dummies are prominent enough to catch the attention of people; letting them know the area is under surveillance. But should real crooks decide to push through, they'll be focusing on the dummies while the real ones catch them in the act.

Get More Storage For HD Footage. More and more wireless surveillance cameras are using 720p high-definition and 1080p full-definition modes. These definitions result in clearer, more usable footage – but they also eat up significantly more storage space. If you are going to do use HD and FHD cameras in your wireless security system, scale up your storage space with 1TB or more hard-disk drives.

Use Your System's Smart Capabilities. Many wireless security systems can send and receive data over the Internet. This means you can monitor and control your system on any device that has access to the ‘net – from phones to tablet computers. Just remember to install strong firewalls, work with anti-virus apps, and use strong passwords to protect your system as you access it over the Internet.

Use Alarms To Scare Off Crooks. Wireless alarms are excellent tools for active protection, especially when paired with cameras and a smart system. You can set the alarms to go off when they detect movement in a particular area, oryou can set them to notify you first. The latter gives you the option to sound off a loud alarm to frighten intruders away and alert people to your dilemma or to quietly call the police as you protect you or your loved ones without letting the intruders know about it.

Review Access Logs From Biometric Locks. One of the biggest perks of biometric locks hooked up to a wireless security system is the ability to review who has been accessing the lock. This is great not only for protecting a particular area against unauthorized personnel, but for keeping track of who has been going into high-security areas, when they do so, and how often they do so. The records will definitely be useful when dealing with wrongdoings in the future.

Be Mindful Of High-Traffic Frequencies. A lot of gadgets use the 2.4GHz frequency band, and this radio traffic can (and often does) interfere with the operations of a wireless security system . It is for this reason that you need to invest in multi-band routers that work with the common 2.4GHz band as well as other frequencies like the 5GHz band. You can then pair the router with other devices that use the 5GHz band without completely isolating the system from gadgets that use the 2.4GHz band.

Explore All The “Modes" Of Your System. Many wireless security systems and their gadgets have the option to work with different operating procedures depending on the time of day. For example, you can set alarms to turn off during the day when a lot of people move around and turn on at night when nobody should be sneaking around. You could also set cameras to use PIR mode at night; actively recording footage only when they detect motion to save power and storage space.


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