The 4 Types Of Car DVD Players To Suit Your Needs

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You'll find quite a number of different types of car DVD players out on the market. Each has something to offer – as well as challenges to overcome – which is why it helps when you know more about each type before committing to a purchase:

Headrest DVD Player

This is one of the easiest in-car DVD players to install, as all you need to do is replace your seat's headrest with the headrest containing the player and its screen. You can also install up to two players in your average car, which lets your passengers choose whatever video they want to watch.

The main problem, however, is the risk they pose in case of an accident. A seatbelt will prevent the rear passengers from slamming into the car DVD player's screen. If the rear passengers are not wearing a seat belt though, they are more likely to sustain significant injuries to their face and neck. Your car also needs to have seats with headrests for this type of player to work.

Rear-Mirror DVD Player

This is another easy-to-install car DVD player, as it involves removing and replacing your car's existing rear-view mirror. It also has the advantage of being able to entertain front-seat passengers as well, thanks to its location at the front of the vehicle.

It does, however, run the risk of distracting the driver. The driver will sometimes need to check the rear-view mirror while driving, and may be distracted by the movie that's playing. It is then up to the driver to maintain his or her concentration and resist the temptation to watch the movie is currently playing.

Flip-Down DVD Player

These car DVD players are attached to the roof of a car, where the screens can be pulled down for passengers to watch movies on. These are the most versatile types of players, as you can install them on any kind of vehicle as long as it has a roof to work with.

The main issue with these players is the complex installation process. You will have to drill holes for the mounts of the DVD player, and you'll also have to connect the player to the overhead light in order to provide power. Improper installation will also result in a safety risk as the player could fall down and injure anyone unfortunate enough to be under it.

In-Dash DVD Player

These are some of the most popular choices for smart DVD players that can do more than just play movies. Not only can the front and rear passengers watch movies on the display, but their proximity to the driver makes them useful tablets-slash-DVD players for cars. The driver can casually swipe a few commands in, like accessing GPS navigation or playing music, even while in the driver's seat.

The only real problem with in-dash DVD players is that they pose a slight distraction risk for drivers. Unlike rear-view mirror players, drivers won't need to look at the screen while driving. The driver just need to be responsible enough not to look down and fiddle around too much with the in-dash car DVD player while on the road.


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