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What You Can Do To Minimize Damage To Your Best Smart Watch

Rose Li

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Even the best smart watches out there will be for nothing if they get all banged up not one month after you buy them. You need to do your part to ensure that your useful smart watch stays useful for the duration of its lifespan – and here are a few practical tips to help you do just that:

1. Learn how to walk without waving your hands too much.

Randomly banging your watch while simply walking is one of the most annoyingly common ways you can break even the best smart watches. It will take some practice, but walking with a gait that minimizes the swaying of your arms will help protect your watch against shock damage.

2. Encase your watch in a shockproof case.

You can add even more protection against shock damage by fitting your best smart watch into a case. Do note that these cases don't have to be bulky, ugly chunks of rubber and plastic. You can pick sleek and stylized cases that come with their own matching straps – adding protection without sacrificing aesthetics in the process.

3. Install a screen shield even with a tough watch face.

Yes, your top smart watch may come with a really tough layer of Gorilla Glass 4, but a screen shield is an inexpensive option to add an extra layer of protection that you can easily replace. This pretty important since your best smart watch will be exposed to a ton more abuse than your phone, especially when you get used to wearing a watch and tend to forget that it's there in the first place.

4. Pick a watch with an IP rating of 68.

Speaking of quality smart watches, a watch with an ingress protection (IP) rating of 68 will prevent dust and water getting into its sensitive bits. This will allow you to use your cool smart watch in much more rugged situations, like outdoors or in the kitchen, without fear of water or dust wrecking the device.

5. Avoid wearing your watch in seedy locations.

If you're not quite sure about the safety of the places you're going to visit, it may be a better option to leave your nifty smart watch at home. If you need your smart watch, then swap out the straps and the case for less eye-catching versions while leaving the glitzy stuff for safer and more formal affairs.

6. Install a GPS locator app on your watch.

This will be a useful feature whether you accidentally misplace your watch or someone intentionally swipes it while you're not looking. Look up the location of your watch using your phone or a browser on your PC, and you'll be able to better home in on where your phone is located.

7. Get comprehensive insurance for your smart watch.

And last but definitely not the least, it can be a very smart decision to invest in insurance for your smart watch. Comprehensive insurance providers for smart jewelry will help cover a significant portion of the expenses should you lose or break your device – perfect for adding a backup option for the best smart watches that cost a pretty penny.


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