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The Benefits of a Laptop Shield

Bruce Markey

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Sending your child off to college or university is certainly a proud and rewarding experience, but it can also be tough. You want the best for your son or daughter, and that means the best education as well as the best protection from the many dangers and harms out there. It used to be that parents would worry about their children getting mugged or running out of money for food, or perhaps even falling into the wrong crowd. But today’s parents have some added concerns, such as the harmful effects of technology. Pieces of technology such as laptop computers emit harmful electromagnetic radiation. Instead of adding one more item to the list of things you have to worry about, you should simply buy your college student a laptop shield, so you can be assured they won’t be compromising their health just by doing their homework.

More and more studies are rolling in all the time proving that high tech devices, such as laptop computers and mobile phones, emit waves of electromagnetic radiation that are harmful to human health, and can even cause some forms of cancer. That’s a terrifying thought. It seems cruel that these devices we’ve come to rely on for work, school, and communication are actually causing our bodies harm. The good news is that innovative companies are starting to design protective devices, such as laptop shields, that actually prevent the waves from transferring from the computer and into the surroundings and body of the user.

When your son or daughter is in college or university, they likely won’t be able to avoid using a laptop computer for their studies. Post-secondary students nowadays are expected to use laptops to take notes in class, to help them with their research, to write papers, and, perhaps most importantly (to their parents anyway), to communicate with their friends and family back home via email, video chat, and social media. They need their laptops. Fortunately, you can curb the harmful effects of their laptop with a laptop shield. As a parent, it would be devastating for you to know that simply by communicating with you, your child is opening up his or her body to harmful effects and horrible diseases such as cancer. Buying your child a laptop shield to use with their computer will ease your mind and help you to not feel guilty every time you send them an email or have a video chat with them. It will also be one less stress for them to deal with, amidst midterms, papers, and homesickness.

Buying your college- or university-bound child a laptop shield might be the best present you ever give them. It’s a great way to remind them that even though they are independent adults now, you still care about their health and want to remind them to always take care of themselves. Most importantly, you will be shielding their bodies from the extremely harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation waves emitted from laptop computers. Though they’re all grown up now, they’re still your child, and you still want the best for them and their health!

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