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How To Make The Most From Your Pico Projector Even In Bad Lighting Conditions

Rose Li

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Pico projectors are nifty little devices. These pocket projectors are small and light enough to carry on your person wherever you go - an ideal choice for when you need to set up a presentation in very short notice.

The problem, however, is when you find yourself having to use the tiny projector in less than ideal environments. Come prepared, however, and you will be able to make the most of a bad situation:

  1. Study up on your presentation - commit your presentation to memory.

    Seriously. You need to be fully prepared if your pico projector simply won't be able to produce readable - much less visible - images in extremely bad conditions. Being able to orally present your key points will be your final line of defense should this worst-case scenario happen to you.

  2. Create a dark/light copies - dark text on light backgrounds work well in illuminated setting, while light text on dark backgrounds work well in darkened settings. Creating a dark/light copy will make it easier for your micro projector to work best in whatever lighting condition you find yourself in. Just make sure to check that both copies are consistent. The last thing you want to do is find an unexpected revision that will mess up your presentation.
  3. Use bold, simple and legible fonts - Arial, Calibri and Verdana are popular because they are very easy to read. The differences between letters are pronounced - separating them so they don't get mixed up when displayed by a pico projector.

    Avoid fancy texts with lots of flourishes if you want your presentations to work in all conditions. You will also need to increase

  4. Use bullet points and sub-headings - solid blocks of text are very hard to read, especially when doing so on a projected image. Bullet points and sub-headings break up these blocks and make it easier to focus on the chunks of information that matter.

    This is especially important when using a pico projector, as the relatively small projection space brings all the text together.

  5. Use clear, simple visuals - if legibility and readability are your primary concerns, then you must eschew complicated photographs for simpler visuals like graphs, charts or outlines. Fine details will simply be lost in poor lighting conditions, and they'll just end up as mashes of color that nobody can really understand.

    Stick to simpler visuals and they will be much more distinct even from the smaller area coverage of a mini projector .

  6. Use a laser pointer remote - these nifty pointers will help draw the attention of viewers to whatever you are discussing in your presentation. This is typically used in larger projection setups but can still be useful even with a smaller, lightweight projector - especially in less than ideal lighting conditions.

    Never underestimate the ability of a bright red dot to help direct attention to the area where you need people to look at.

Keep all these tips in mind and you will be better prepared to make the most of your pico projector - no matter what the lighting conditions may be!


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