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Hot Tips For New Android Phones: Making The Most Of Your Phone’s Battery Life

Rose Li

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A lot of the new Android phones are all about functions, features and specifications. Everyone and their mother is trying to churn out the phone that is the biggest, baddest and most dazzling of all the hot Android phones to hit the market.

The problem, however, is that some folks are tired of having their phones die on them in the middle of the day. They want their new Android smartphones to be capable little computers, but they also want their batteries to last long enough to get through at least a day of hard use.

So what can you do to improve the battery life of your powerful, feature-rich phone?

  1. Check ‘Battery Use’ Screen – virtually all of the recent Android phones let you check which sources demand the most power. You can find this screen on Settings > About > Battery Use, and it will show you which apps or features are hogging the most power.
  2. Tone Down Screen Brightness – a quick method to improve battery life on your new Android phone is to simply dim the brightness of the screen. You will also want to disable the auto-adjust brightness option, since this will change screen brightness without your consent.
  3. Turn Sounds And/or Vibrate Off – if you are going out in public and you won’t be able to hear your phone’s ringtone anyway, turn off the sounds. If you are in a quiet setting, then turn off vibrations. No sense in doubling up features if you want to save up on power.
  4. Disable Haptic Feedback – a lot of the latest Android phones vibrate very subtly when you manipulate on-screen options. This is called haptic feedback, and you will want to disable it if you want to extend battery life on your phone.
  5. Turn Unused Radios Off – various wireless radio options are another common energy-guzzler. Many of the newest Android phones feature not only 3G and Wi-Fi wireless internet access, but Bluetooth, GPS, LTE and NFC as well. Disable these radio options to help conserve power.
  6. Remove/Disable Unneeded Apps – some apps have a tendency to run quietly in the background without you even being aware that they are on in the first place. If you want to save up on juice, then it would be best to clean up your phone to minimize the risk of silent apps running in the background.
  7. Kill Home Screen Widgets – speaking of quietly running the background, many home-screen widgets periodically update themselves to provide the information you need as soon as you check your new Android phone. If power is your priority, then get rid of these widgets to save up on electricity.
  8. Set Social Media Updating To Manual – many of the recent Android phones feature noticeable interactions with social media networks like Twitter or Facebook. Set these apps to update themselves manually, otherwise they will keep updating their respective news feeds even when you aren’t using your phone.

Oh, and one last tip. If you really want to keep all the features of your new Android phone running at full blast, then you will want to invest in either a bigger battery or an external power bank. You will need to carry a bigger, bulkier phone, but at least you will be carrying around all the energy you’ll need to get through a few days without charging!


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