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5 Of the Latest Wearable Devices for Controlling Other Gadgets

Rose Li

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There are a lot of wearable devices coming out on the market nowadays, from smart watches to augmented-reality (AR) glasses. The first wave of these wearable gadgets are designed to work with other more powerful devices, so it should come as no surprise that their potential for remotely controlling other devices is put on the spotlight.

Here are some of the more notable examples of wearables being able to remotely control other gadgets:

“Wired” Jacket

This nifty line of wearable tech can connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth signals or a physical cable. These jackets typically have a small control panel on the sleeves with a selection of common commands such as pause, play, skip, confirm and escape. You can even pair this with a pair of smart glasses to offer a truly hands-free method of accessing your smartphone’s functions!

RC Drone Goggles

These wearable devices allow you to take a first-person point of view when it comes to controlling drones and various remote-controlled vehicles. There are kits out there that come with everything you will need for the controls – mini cameras, video goggles, radio transmitters, radio receivers, batteries and chargers. Simply mount everything up and you will be able to take full control over your drones and RC vehicles using these wearable gadgets!

RC Sports Camera Watch

It can be extremely difficult to manipulate a sports camera when you are doing stunts or zipping along at top speeds – at least if you’re not armed with the right line of wearable devices. Certain watches are designed to pair with sports cameras, using either radio signals or wireless Internet access points to record, pause, zoom or adjust the angles of the camera. Some models even provide a live feed to smartphones via Wi-Fi. Such a setup will allow the participant and a separate observer to remotely manipulate the camera – perfect for capturing the best angles on the go!

TV Remote Watch

Losing a remote control can be a very frustrating experience, but not when you’ve got the remote strapped to your wrist. This line of wearable devices is an absolute must for those that find themselves frequently losing or misplacing their TV remotes. The fun thing about these watches is that they can be programmed to work with a variety of devices that rely on infra-red input for the commands. Proper programming can allow this line of smart accessories to control not only your TV but also your stereo, DVD/BR player or even an iPod dock. Best part: you won’t need wireless Internet access or any other extra devices to make the setup work!

RC Drone Watch

This line of wearable smart tech is a low-key but extremely significant advance in using drones for personal use. These wearable devices use the computing power of a companion – say, a tablet or high-end smartphone – to send complex calculations in a way that simple commands are all you will need to execute those calculations. The result: telling your drone to lift off, fly to a destination and land with nothing more than a few button presses. This simplification thus makes it extremely easy for simple wearable devices like watches to serve as competent command platforms while the tablets or smartphones do all the number crunching in the background.

Keep this list in mind and you will be able to get a heads-up on the latest wearable devices that can handle some very impressive remote control capabilities!

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