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How to fix a slow computer?

Leah Spencer

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Do you spend those restless minutes staring at the screen while your computer takes its own sweet time to open an application? Most of us assume that computers eventually slow down as they become older. This is, however, just a myth. The truth is the longer you use the computer, the more unwanted files you accumulate. Your temporary internet files, overflowing recycle bin, temporary operating and program files as well as downloaded files have the potential to slow down your computer. If you are exasperated of slow computers, here are a few tips that can make your computer more responsiveas well as run quick without shelling out any money.


If your computer is as slow as a snail, the first thing you might want to try to boost its speed is rebooting it, especially if you have not restarted or rebooted your system recently. Running your machine for a longer time, some leave it running 24/7, will inadvertently slow down the performance of the system. Save all the currently running files before rebooting the computer.

Uninstall redundant programs

In due course of time, your computer gets packed with programs that you rarely use or do not use at all. Often, we forget about these files but they reduce the performance of your system. Free some space by deleting unused programs from your computer. You can do this manually by selecting those unnecessary programs or get assistance from software that recommends the programs you can get rid of.

Delete temporary files

Your internet history, cookies and the files you download accumulate on your computer reducing its performance overtime. Deleting these temporary files will give more space in your hard disk and increase the speed of your computer. Select the temp folder on your computer and view the files. Select all the files and delete them. Now move onto recycle bin to permanently delete these files.

Close unnecessary background applications/programs

When you use your computer, there are a few unnecessary applications that run in the background. The programs that run simultaneously use the system’s memory and slow down your computer. To prevent unnecessary startups, click start and type ‘run’ and a box will appear on the screen. Type‘msconfig and all the applications that run, when your computer is switched onwillbe shown on the screen. You can either disable all the files shown or manually remove those files that are unnecessary. To protect your computer certain files like antivirus should always be running.

Use disk cleanup

Your computer (that has a windows OS)has disk cleanup program that removes unnecessary files and de-clutters your system. The program searches for files that are redundant in your computer and gets rid of them.

Defragment the hard disk drive

Defragmentation can improve the efficiency of your hard drive. It organizes the files in each folder in such a way that it takes minimal time to access those files. If your computer is using flash based storage, you will have no need to defragment it. Also, for mac users the operating system automatically defragments those files that are less than 20MB in size.

Additional Hard drive storage

Sometimes, not having enough storage space can be the root cause of your computer’s slow performance. You can increase the disk storage or use an external hard disk to maintain the computer performance and responsiveness.

Remove the dust

Incidentally, the accumulated dust inside your computer can slow it down as well. It can overheat your system and slow down the computer’s performance. Switch off the computer, remove the cables and vacuum your system religiously.

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